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Yogyakarta Here We Come (Again)

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Hello from the domestic terminal of Soekarna Hatta Airport. I am ignoring my cousin to share a short update from the airport for you. We are traveling to Yogyakarta. This will be my third time there. The first time when I was 2yo and the second one was when I was 17yo. I have no recollection of the first time other than my toddler with too much attitude picture which is now displayed in my dad’s home office. And I only have vague memories of the second time around: it was during a school trip, I was roaming around the city with my best friend, Pepeth and that we got scolded for not keeping our voices down.

Why come to Yogyakarta again? Why, Borobudur of course! Borobudur has been on my travel list since 2014. 2 years! And to think that it’s only 2 hours away shows that I am not a good travel planner. Other than Borobudur, we have lots of catching up with another cousin who lives there and a bit of batik shopping in our minds.

Do you think we should be anything else? Let me know and let me know soon since we are there only for the weekend.

Btw, weekend getaways are pretty fun! You should consider doing it if you can’t or don’t feel like doing a long term travel at the moment. Evidently I got to squeeze three trips this month, Singapore, Bandung and now Yogyakarta without taking a day off from work.

Speaking of Bandung, I went there last weekend with my work team mates. All 15 of us, including two kids of a colleague. Unfortunately, or maybe  fortunately, we spent the weekend eating and laughing all the time, which means I don’t have any story to share except for a snippet of the wooden house that we stayed in.
Well, at least, I also learned something new while in Bandung: poker. Okay, to be honest, I only half learned it. I still don’t know what higher a full house or a four straight, but I did yell “royal flush” whenever I had nothing or when I thought I had good cards in my hand. 9 out of 10 times, I didn’t have anything.
Thanks for reading you guys! Stay tune for my next brain dump on the upcoming airport talk, which should happen in March *finger crossed*. Meanwhile, I promise to return with more stories about Yogykarta and post it here ASAP.

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