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Write About Page to Foreign Geek

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Happy First Monday of 2014 my fellow Weekly Wishers,

I want to update you about my last year’s last wish, to be a good Santa, to the IT girl. I think I did well. I left inspirational quotes and snacks on her table whenever she wasn’t around every day I wasn’t not sure whether snack was a good idea, especially if she was on diet (these days every girl I know, including myself, is on some kind of diet), but one day she sent a mass email to the whole office about it. Not complaining, just a happy email.

On the actual day for the gift exchange, I got her a lunch bag, which I think she would appreciate since she cooks and packs her lunch every day. I also had this idea of asking colleagues to write one good thing that they can think about the IT girl. I compiled it into a notebook and passed it to her on that day. I told her it’s from all of us. She didn’t react much, which was expected, that’s okay, I thought, but oh, but the next day she put a thank you card with a huge box of Ferrero Rocher on my table. IT girl rocks! Also yeah, I did good.

This week is our first Weekly Wishes of the year you guys! How long have you been participating? I started in July last year, and I plan to do it as long as Melyssa is hosting the link up.


This year, I plan to do monthly a themed Weekly Wishes*. Every first week of the month I will pick a part of my life that I want to improve, create goals and work on achieving it. By that way I still can tackle a weekly goal and achieve something significant.

In January I plan to focus on this blog. It will be a fun way to start the year, to work on something I love.

The first wish of the year is something I am a little embarrassed to admit but will be so relieved to finish. As you know, or don’t, I have had this blog for more than a year BUT until today I haven’t written my New Reader nor Sponsorship section yet. Sponsor page, I don’t care much for now. I am not ready to be anyone else’s, heck I am still struggling to be my own sponsor! But I would love to exchange blog buttons, with the blogs I love and stalk, for free.

My main focus is to write the New Reader page. I want to direct the readers (God bless them, their kids and their kids’ pet hamster souls) around this blog, to show them that I am border lining normal and that I can have fun sometimes, even if my kinda fun involves cooking in the paddy field. I also would love to share the stories and facts gathered from my travels, especially in South East Asia.

So yep, that’s what I am going to work on this week. To complete the introduction part of my blog. It won’t be easy, at least not for me. I like to write what I feel like writing and that’s why it has been more than a year, but I haven’t written anything there yet. Check back next week will you?

Meanwhile I will hop around the blogosphere now to see what your first weekly wishes of the year are. Thanks for reading troops.

*You know what’s weirdly awesome?? I just checked Melyssa’s blog for the link up and found out that she is going to do a monthly wishes as well! Fabulous minds think alike eh Mel?

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  • Oooh, good luck on writing your new reader page! It can be so difficult picking out the “best of” the blog and summing yourself up in a couple hundred words, but it is doable! 🙂 And I think monthly wishes + weekly wishes are such a good idea and I was planning on doing them like that for this year as well! I guess all of us great minds are thinking alike! 🙂

  • Good job on the Secret Santa! It’s awesome that she likes it, though her expression doesn’t show. All the best in your goal this month!

  • new reader page is a great idea! I have an “about me” which should probably be updated, but I never thought about that’s where most new readers would start. good luck and I may have to steal this goal for future use 🙂

  • mariahelena

    Sounds like you were an awesome secret santa! Good luck with your goals this week (and month). A new reader page is a great idea.

  • La Maman Heureuse

    Love the idea of your new reader page, I’ve been trying to write an about page for the past two years and I just don’t know what to put on it. Talking about yourself is harder than you’d imagine LOL And I think you were a great Secret Santa, you thought about it and put effort in it, most people don’t!

    Happy Wednesday!

  • I love the idea of a new reader page! Don’t feel bad, it took me a long while to even get a good sounding about me page up (more than a year) but thanks to Weekly Wishes, I was able to get it done! Good luck on your monthly goals!

  • Really like your January goal, I’m doing something similar too. Good luck and happy new year!
    Claire xx
    somewhere… beyond the sea

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