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To WordPress or Not to WordPress? To WordPress!

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Hello my non-existent reader!

If you notice, I have been nonexistent here myself.  I wanted to throw the biggest reason in the blogosphere, which is not having enough time, but it would be a lie. I have all the time in the world. To write and share another story that popped into my mind. But I didn’t because I was busy trying to configure and move this blog to WordPress. Before the move is completed I don’t feel like writing. It feels like staying in a new house that doesn’t have a door yet. Do you get what I am trying to say? Because I myself kinda don’t.

I chose to move to WordPress after discussing the pros and cons in the one-day class of HTML bought by Groupon. (Yes, I am Groupon junkie, that’s a story for another time). I was insisting to the teacher, Darren Sim, about keeping my blogger blog. I said I can always move later, but he then said “If you are going to do something do it right from the first step.”. Wise words. Since I hardly get anything wise thrown around me these days, now that I am no longer staying with my dad, I obliged. I moved, change the theme and the URL also. Not my first change of heart regarding the blog, but I am hoping it will be the last, because it’s tedious, man.

Trying to spice things up, I added two new sections in the blog, Life List page and Categories (that $20 Groupon one-day HTML class turned out to be useful). The Life List is pretty explanatory, I add and cross of the things I wish to do in life. I hope sharing this list with you, will keep reminding us to live life our way and maybe inspire you more to purse yours too. I will also write detailed posts about it. I would love to write a post about being a wedding witness (#1 on the list) but I ought ask the bride’s permission first.

Second one is just categories of my post. Globe-trotting (life passion/ambition/reason for living), City Life and such.

I hope you enjoy ForeignGeek, my past and future travels and life (craziness) in between.

Do you use WordPress or Blogger? Which one do you personally think is better?

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