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I Wish Upon A Late Night

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1am. It’s the beginning 2nd week and I am not looking forward to it. I wish for a 36 hour day with 8 hours work a day (Not sure I am going to agree with this tomorrow, when sitting in my cubicle, wishing for 15.09 to turn to 17.29 in a blink), for a better neighborhood at work, for more self-discipline, for bigger paychecks, for a planned-prepared week meals, for quick-easy fix for nagging errands, I can meet my parents anytime I want, for occasional silence, for creative juices. I wish for wittiness, wish for wardrobe manager, for better time management, for an updated CV, for smooth skin, for more positive experiences.

“I wish for one more day off”, I told Hulk. “What would you do?” he asked.

I would read, go to the library, write, journal, pray, organize, prepare, buy groceries, cook broccoli, hang my clothes, meet my friends, swim for a while, update my CV, clean, play with the chicks, rabbit and little chicken.

Happy Flowers

This Sunday, wasn’t enough for me. I wish for optimal weekends, not the repetition of doing nothing and feeling low at the end of it.

I want days filled with 3 things that make me happy, as suggested by Yoko Ono. I wonder what kind of things she has done to make her happy?

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