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Pondering About Winter

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What inspired me to become an author? I think it was the snow in New York. I looked out the window and I said, ‘Well, I have to get dressed every morning, go to teach, but if I write a book, I can stay home in my bathrobe, eat candy corn.’ — Patricia Reilly Giff.


Hi there snow pea! You might think, what do I gotta say about winter since I live on the equator. But I do! After all, I had 26 days of winter experience, that’s longer than some celebrity marriages you guys. Today, while standing in the sun in the noon, I cried inside, or maybe that’s sweat? I prayed the weather God would bend the rule and send us some snow or rain or at least blow some clouds, but nope, it was the irritatingly hot sun. Then I remembered in the winter I wrote a note on my phone about winter:

  • Well, hello there electric blanket! I’m sleeping on an electric blanket! Uber cool, I mean uberwarm. #bestinventionever. Why do they call it a blanket if I am sleeping on top of it?
  • Could I take this drink (Starbucks’s Peach Blossom Tea Latte) back home? I mean, if I put it in an airtight cup and pretend..
  • SO cold. Brrrr… I will never travel in winter again. What’s so great about winter holiday anyway?!
  • The irony of walking fast bracing the cold and I’m Walking On Sunshine playing on my iPhone.
  • My hair is cold.
  • Heated floor!! Purrrr.. #lovelovelove
  • Does this require taking my hands from my pocket? If yes, forget about it!
  • Need to rethink my decision to join and live in a nudist colony for a year in my 50s.
  • *Turned my head away from Yin and put tongue out to taste the snow*
  • Omg SNOW!!! Omg, everything looks so pretty blanketed by the white snow!! This! This is why people go to winter holiday.
  • My obsession with hats (beannie especially) is justified and paraded.
  • Rach, take my picture in the snow“. “Rach, take another picture of me“. “Rach, take a picture of me walking in the snow“. “Rach take picture of me jumping around in the snow“. “Rach take..Rach.. Rach..“.
  • I’m glad we don’t have much space. I so prefer having their body close to mine (at a hostel room in Seoul).
  • I finally have a reason to wear the winter PJ I bought a year ago.
  • .. but wearing it for two weeks straight doesn’t seem like a good idea (day 11).
  • Hey, the make up stays longer! thehehehe..
  • Umm flavorful tea.. Um.. kimchi soup.. Ummm flat white.
  • Shave? What shave! –> Regretted this when I had to strip naked in front of hundreds.


  • I should have packed less. I could survive with two sweaters and one jeans. Since in all the pictures I wear the pink coat. Hundreds of pictures. Eighteen Days. ONE pink coat.
  • Do people postpone their breakups during winter?
  • Mmm heated socks.. Mmmmm heated underwear.
  • I get it Beijing, it’s winter, but really, put some snow show, don’t just be a tease and stay so damn cold.
  • Maybe I can drag this blanket everywhere and call it a Pashmina?
  • I’ll miss this when I go back to sunny Singapore.

And I do. I am so done living in the summer for 365 days. I wish I bag a job in a country with four seasons, preferably with a big dose of Autumn like Japan. Do you appreciate winter? Tell me what’s your favorite thing about it?

Since I traveled to experience winter, I guess this could be my Travel Tuesday. Link up with Bonnie, Mel and Tina for some travel awesomeness. Stay warm!

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  • I don’t mind winter.. but when it is winter I am wishing for summer. My fav thing about winter is no leg shaving haha. I am so lazy

    • Foreign Geek

      Hahahaha.. I am hundred percent behind you on this. It’s a winter luxury, we should enjoy it while it last

  • I don’t appreciate winter. I’ve spent 5 years near the equator and nearly 15 years living in a state often called “Winter Wonderland”–I’d choose the equator any day! 🙂

    • Foreign Geek

      Hi Rachel, thanks for stopping by 🙂 Oh I am not sure I would want to live in a winter wonderland either! It sounds umm cold? Where did you live before?

  • Oh how I can go back and forth in the winter!! I always say that my favorite times of year are Spring and Fall!

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