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When I Roam: Deflated Ass Edition

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“I am having writer’s block”, I texted Hulk. He replied “how about your parents visiting”. Visiting where? Both of them are outside, watching a B&W movie on the YouTube using blackberry. Dude must be drunk.

I wanted to write about Jungfrau, I think you will like it, but for the love of Ganesha, I have sat for a half hour staring at the picture and couldn’t come up with a single sentence. It might be because of job search anxiety. I keep telling myself, it’s a good problem. I should be grateful. And I am, at least trying to. But writer’s block is still here, still real, still wants to hang out. I don’t want to abandon this blog for any longer, especially since I have the time.

How about some of the best views I got to see last year? In this first part of When I Roam series, come and look at the world from my geek tinted glasses.

Busan KoreaGamcheon Culture Village

^^ The Gamcheon Culture Village was my favorite place in Busan after the Spa Land. It’s filled with rainbow colored houses and awesome-sauce street arts. Next time I visit Busan, I am going to find a way to stay here.

Angkor Wat

^^ I was in awe of the detailed carvings of Angkor Wat. The historical culture has a strong mystical pull, you could spend the whole day there.


^^ This was taken in the morning during our one night stay in Grindelwald. The sun rose over the fading fogs. If your bedroom window overlook a snow mountain and you are bored with the majestic view, email me. I want to exchange life with you.

Fall in Berlin

^^ I love fall, pink and Berlin. This is the worth-a-thousand-words picture of mine. If my ass didn’t look like it has been deflated, I would use it as my Facebook cover picture.

Jeju Island

^^ Sunrise peak in Jeju Island. Vi was taking pictures, I looked away as I was panting like a mad dog. The 600 stair climb was hell, but the natural beauty in front of me was worth it. Also, I think I lost at least one pound in the process.

New Zealand Winery

^^ This picture was taken at one of Waiheke Island wineries (was too drunk to remember the name). I stood there imagining how awesome would it be to be a wine boss lady. I’d shower with wine, blog exclusively about wine while being drunk on wine, adopt a sheep and named her Wine.

Jung Frau Joch

^^ Remember when I told you earlier, I couldn’t come up with anything to write about Jungfrau? This’s the picture I was staring at. Maybe staring at one’s ass was not a good idea to find inspiration, unless if you were Kim Kardashian.

I concluded two things from these pictures; First, I am really blessed. Second, I have terrible fashion sense. Red pants, unflattering jeans and thick wool scarf. Gah! I need a fashion makeover and I need it stat!!

Do you take a similar type of pictures when you travel? Other than the above, I also collect pictures of vending machines.

Link up: Travel Tuesday.

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  • Hi! Visiting from Travel Tuesday. 🙂 I know what you mean about writer’s block. I can stare at a picture for hours and not come up with a thing to say about it. I love your collection of pictures here though! I’m a fan of the posed staring-into-the-beyond pictures, but usually I have to plead my boyfriend (and travel partner) to take pictures for me. And by then, it gets so frustrating that I just forget about it.

    You’ve been to some really cool places! I love the picture in Berlin!

  • I love Busan!!! That’s where I did my first solo trip and I couchsurfed too! I wish I’d known about Gamcheon back then!

    Yes, I actually prefer pictures of me facing the the view – I have to ask my hubby most of the time though, lol.

  • Rima Sagala

    aha, i love this. i think i should come up with some series like this. i actually had one before when I went to Paris & Barcelona, unfortunately i didn’t follow up on it. a;slkjfalsdkjfa;lsfj…

  • I love this collection! I’m usually traveling alone so these are hard to come by, but I love, love the perspective of looking at yourself looking at lovely things! Way better than “selfies” (gag)!

  • I can definitely understand writers block! I have so much to write about and so many great photos to write it with, but I can’t seem to put my fingers to use with actually writing something. But you’ve visited some great places, so that’s awesome!

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