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Weekly Wishes

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Hello dello weekly wishes fellow.

I just reached home, after 24 hours spent at four airports in four cities. Non-direct flights can be deadly!

Sooo.. how have you been? How about your last week goal?

I set a target to do live blogging last week, but it failed due to having way too much fun with my besties (It’s kinda forgivable right guys?). I did write travel journals about the trip though.


I will share it here soon, in a dear diary format, once I’m done with laundry, eating local food and basic grooming, which, I *cough* neglected during the winter time there. For now, I just want/need to pass out on my bed.

This week my wish is just to recoup and check out yours. I will start fresh in September, which is coming in like few days.

It has been a fantastic weekly wishing month and I’m truly enjoying being a part of it, thanks to Melyssa from Nectar Collective.

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  • Just found your blog through the Nectar Collective and love it 🙂
    And don’t tell me about that September comes in a couple of days -.- this year is just going to be over too quickly 🙁

    • Foreign Geek

      Aw thank you Sandra. That’s exactly what i meant, time is no longer relative, time is sprinting :S

  • Welcome home! Can’t wait to read those travelogues!

    • Foreign Geek

      Thank you. I am trying to squeeze in the writing in between the job, the boyfriend and the TV watching 😉 Stay tune or should I say stay online.. Thanks for reading

  • Cornelia

    Hi! Nice to e-meet you – I’m hopping over from The Nectar Collective. Good luck recuperating and getting some sleep! I love travel journals and can’t wait to hear more about your trip (and the local food. I am a big foodie :))

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