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Weekly Wishes #03: LOVE

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February. Valentine. The month of Love. Also, I am back!

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Some argue that valentine is a commercialized holiday created by Hallmark or their evil twin Tiffany. To them I ask, so what? So what if it’s a commercialized day? It’s a hearted day filled with flowers, sweet treats and thoughtful printed words. It’s an excuse to celebrate another day in the fast moving year. I, for one, am all pink for it. But only recently. Before that I despised Valentine.

I haven’t always had a rosy view of Valentine day. Valentines weren’t fun for me during school time. I wasn’t the popular nor a pretty one of the standard. I wasn’t a loser either, at least I didn’t think so. I was well.. different. On Valentines while my classmates received cards, flowers, and asked on dates, I didn’t. I was happy listening to their stories, but little me was expecting, at least, a card left by someone on my desk. It never happened and later affected my fragile teenage self esteem. I became a bitter bitch on Valentines. It didn’t change much even when I had boyfriends and got flowers from them. Until one Valentine when I was single again. I couldn’t be bitter AND alone, it would be pathetic! So I decided to celebrate it by myself. I had to force myself at first to breathe in all the love in the air; there were half dozen box of some donuts, pink balloons, and an overdraft involved, but at the end of the day, I felt much better. I was alone, but no longer bitter.

My point is.. um, I don’t have point actually. I just wish that we don’t box Valentine day just for the couples and start to celebrate it in our own ways. It’s another day to show extra love to ourselves and everyone else, to the people who has been with us the longest and to the most loyal ones. 

No boyfriend? So what?! Your mom is there!
She doesn’t live nearby? You can go out for a coffee with girlfriends.
Girlfriend is out on a date? Get a cat and dress it in pink.
Also, celebrate it with the one who has been with you the longest.
Who, you ask? Look at the mirror, girlfriend!!

With all my blabbering, you must have guessed what my Weekly Wishes monthly theme is, yep you are right, LOVE.

*insert a shower of virtual love confettis here* 

These four weeks I want to focus on spreading love to people I love, to people I don’t love as much and strangers (I have a little plan cooking up for the latter part). I want to be a little more loving and, for God sake, a little more loveable

This week my first target is Hulk, one of the few good men on earth and the only one of those men who think I’m super. I have no grand gestures. I just want to spend more time with Hulk, companying him for breakfast and doing the things he likes over the weekend, which means two stops a day at the Coffee Bean, going to Abercrombie (It’s a selfless act on my behalf; that place smells and feels like a cult house), Indian food and an action movie. So yeah, Hulk this is an open invitation, let’s do a Hulk day this weekend. I’ll bring the cactus chocolate I got you from Jeju.

11 months to go, let’s make the best of 2014; let’s spread loved like a jam on your bread but for now, I need to unpack my luggage and do two weeks worth of laundry. Or maybe I just pretend that I am still in China and deal with it tomorrow.

I am linking up with Mel from The Nectar Collective, the guru behind Weekly Wishes. What’s your weekly wishes for this week? Do you have a monthly theme? And tell me what’s your plan for Valentine with yourself?

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  • I’ve seen the An Idiot Abroad show and it’s really funny. Poor Karl, they’re so mean to him. We also have the Ricky Gervais podcast that made Karl famous.

  • This post was so cute! I do have a question – who is Hulk??

    Yes, to celebrating Valentine’s Day. Before I was married I refused to sulk. I would have a Valentine’s Day party with all my girlfriends. We would eat, hang out and exchange gifts. It was a blast. I don’t live by all those girls anymore but if I did I would still host a big party.

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  • Toast Rack

    That’s a great plan. Lovely post 🙂 x

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