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Weekly Wishes #30: Be A Good Santa

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Weekly Wishes Greetings,

If you noticed, hopefully you didn’t, I committed what felt like a blog sin. I skipped last week’s weekly wishes, after following it diligently since July this year. Yes, I had a good reason. It’s work. The one that puts food on the table, in my tummy, and later on my hips; but if I am being completely honest it’s also because I was feeling a little overwhelmed by committing to not one, not two, but four goals.

Although I cherished all four goals and think they are important, it’s hard to focus on all four, week in week out, for a month. Well, technically it has only been half month but I am not feeling it. I am beginning to think it might not be my style especially since I have the same attention span with the Chihuahua in Paris Hilton’s handbag circa 2006. I wonder what happened to it? I am stepping back from monthly goal setting for now. Maybe I can do a themed goal every month with different things to tackle each week. I am not sure, still thinking. Let me mull over it.

Meanwhile, this week, I will stick with one goal, to be a good Santa. We are playing Secret Santa at the office. The rules are that you have to treat the person you are randomly assigned with extra nice from day one until the Christmas party day when you reveal yourself and give them a present.

I have prepared my mind if I picked one of the few names I don’t like, but when we picked the names last week, I got someone who I never thought of.  The only girl from the IT department. This girl.. How do I put it? She is kinda the opposite of me. I have the manliest laugh among women in the office; she laughs without making any voice AND with her mouth covered. I have talked to her a few times, most of it is asking her to repeat herself because I couldn’t hear her properly as she has the softest voice.

Being her Santa, in a way is a challenge (definitely not as big of a challenge as being mine) because she is a shy person and I think she finds me weird and not in a good way because at times she gives me the look; a look I couldn’t read. Why does this paragraph feel like a page from a teenage boy diary?

Anyways, I am going to do it and I plan to do it well. This week I am going to make small conversations with her every day about random stuff and find out what she likes subtly (must google how to get information subtly). Gawd, I hope she won’t think I am weirder than before.

Enough about me what about you? Do you play Secret Santa in the office/at home this year? What’s your goal this week? Is it something related to Christmas as well? Share it with me!! If I am pushing it, this goal is kinda similar with one of the monthly goals I set before, to practice kindness, don’t you think? I am just glad I am back in Weekly Wishes clan. Lastly, All the jingle best people.

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