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Watch Korean Drama

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This was a whatsapp conversation between me and Hulk this afternoon:

Me: “Fafafasdfdsafesfdsfwef !!! My last week’s weekly wish picture was featured at The Nectar Collective blog !!! *confetti iPhone icon*”
Hulk: “Really? Link pls — I saw I saw! Yaeyyy !!”

Then I went to the restroom to do my happy dance for like five minutes. Thank you Melyssa, you made my Monday!

Now my goal setter buddies, tell me that you did well at last week’s Weekly Wish? Yes? Good for you! — Me too!

I convinced my besties to visit Jeju Island. Actually there wasn’t much convincing needed, apparently Yin has been watching Korean drama for some time now and doing her part on daydreaming about the island also. Ooookay.. It is I who need to catch up with the dramas.

I found a few places to stay in Seoul, and there was one in particular I love so much! I can’t tell you more about it yet because I have to let my besties decide, but OMG the amount of pink in that room, I want!! Meanwhile, If you can recommend us where to stay in Busan and Jeju, I would be very happy 😀 Gamsahabnida!

Lost in Korea Book
I have been reading about Korea and so far this is my most fave book

I also crossed off my least favorite errand, to renew my passport. Someone is able to go anywhere now, well at least until 2018.

Geez by 2018 I wish I own an apartment, a cat, and get a big fat paycheck every month. Note to myself: must cut these gigantic goals into small attainable tasks to work on, but for now my goal is to get ready for the next big trip. Yep, I have the same weekly wish as last week but different tasks.

This week I need to apply for my visa. Yes, another tedious task again, but I am not going to complain. Applying for visa means I am able to travel in the first place. So I am going to shut my mouth, bribe a tall soy latte to the HR guy in my office so he would:

1. Issue an employment letter for visa application purpose for me and

2. Shut his mouth about it because even though I am all for mixing office business with pleasure, it is a NO NO to mix my pleasures with the business. Maybe I should bribe him two tall soy latte since I found out that he is dating that chick from IT department because now I need two mouths to shut.

Also, I am going to watch a single episode of the Korean drama TV show. I heard that they are highly addictive so please come back here to check on me next week. If there isn’t any new post, well my blog buddies, I must have been sitting down in front of the TV, munching yogurt while watching the third season of the drama all week long, and I might need your help.

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  • Katherine Nolden

    What a cool wish! I can’t wait to hear how you feel about it!

    • Foreign Geek

      Thanks Katherine, I watched two episodes of it and I enjoyed it.

  • Mal

    One of my workmates is addicted to Korean dramas. She talks of them all.day.long!

    • Foreign Geek

      Argh.. that’s bad no?! I have a similar colleague as well but all she talks about are boys.all.day.long. I tuned out most of the times.

  • Oh wow. I know tons of people who love Korean dramas.
    Good luck with everything else 😀

    • Foreign Geek

      Thank you Raine 🙂

  • I have totally fallen down the rabbit hole of Korean dramas in the post? Which series are you planning on watching? If you are open to suggestions, I highly recommend Boys Before Flowers. But make sure you watch at all least two or three episodes before giving up on it. Sometimes they take a while to get into!

    • Foreign Geek

      Bri thank you for the recommendation. i watched and loved it. I so want to attend Shinwa university. Planning to watch a few more episodes this coming week.

  • Good luck with your goals for the week! I’m obsessed with kpop, which got me watching a few Korean dramas. Which dramas are you going to watch? There are a few that I’ve been meaning to watch, but I like Japanese dramas more (and it helps me study), so I’ve been occupied with those.

    • Foreign Geek

      I watched Boys Before Flower. Have you watched it before? Hmmm Japanese dramas? I am going to check it out.

  • Aww congrats on getting your photo featured on The Nectar Collective!! OOh, trips are always fun 😛 I hope I can get me a little vacation soon; school is wearing me out! haha have fun and be safe.

    • Foreign Geek

      Hi Tamara, little vacations are the best. Where do you plan to go?

      • That’s a good question! I am actually meeting up with a friend today to plan our next road trip adventure! I’m excited. I’m sure if we decide on something, the plans will make it to my blog soon!

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