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A Mood Lifting List

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Hello weekly wishes warriors,

I started writing with a frown on my face. I am feeling under the weather which is due to the weather. Singapore’s humidity is unbearable these few days. A handful of my colleagues is on sick leave; they are down because of the heat. My body is also refusing to adjust any further, or least not before showing some protest. Gaah..

Lying down on the sofa n day dreaming of a better weather (sometimes I dream small) brought me back to the autumn in Japan. Autumn is my favorite season and I am glad that some of you are experiencing it now on the other part of the world. I am there as well, in spirit.

Weekly Wishes Japanese Garden
One Happy Autumn Day – Kyoto Imperial Palace Garden

Wait, this post is mean to be about my Weekly Wishes.

Yes, yes while sulking on the sofa, I was thinking, what could make me smile on that moment? What could turn my frown upside down? I opened the fridge and stayed there till monsoon season had berries yogurt. Mood boosted. Only by 10%, still, I was feeling a little better.

This small action gave me the idea: I am going to make a list of things that can cheer me up and use it on days like today. Small things, mostly. Else, if I could afford it, I would buy all types of Kate Spade bags and call it a day. A happy fabulous day, nonetheless.

Tell me goal setters; do you have a mood-lifting list? Care to share some with frowny face over here?

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