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Hiho my goal oriented blog-buddies! Almost two weeks has passed by since I greeted you last time.

I didn’t post any weekly wish last week as I was blowing candles and making real-time wishes. It was my birthday peeps and it went very very well, thanks for asking.

So weekly wishes.

My previous goal was to write write four things I am grateful/happy about just before going to bed. and I succeeded on keeping it. For umm.. 13 days now. I skipped a day because I had to work overtime on that day. My brain found it hard to write things to be grateful about after crunching numbers for 14 hours straight. Let’s forgive the brain.

I must tell you that this by far is the most valuable and fun goal I have ever done (and am still doing). Taking less than 10 minutes to write down things I am grateful about has made me a  cheerier, especially when I made a point to remember positive things that happened during a particular day (you can find the extract here).

I decided to continue this goal for.. well forever, hopefully. I plan to update you every now and then about it, just to keep myself accountable.

Winter in Sydney

How about you and your previous weekly wish? and what’s your current weekly wishes? Drop me a comment so I can check out your weekly wish, which is my current weekly wish; to reply to all your comments heartily and promptly AND to comment on the awesome posts from the blogs I have been stalking following for ages. I know this goal will be a challenge for me as I am awkward when it comes to two-way communication. So that’s good. Goals are suppose to be challenging right?

I want to share my admiration/healthy-envy/adoration/fandom/love I have for some blogs out there.

Join the weekly wish link-up and have collective fun with us.

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  • kcsaling

    That sounds like a great goal. I just might try that, too. Good things happen every day, but sometimes it’s hard to remember them without a deliberate effort!

  • I’ve heard so many great things about keeping a grateful list. I might just have to give it a go!

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