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Weekly Wishes #12 = Weekly Wishes #11

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We meet again weekly wishers!

Did you achieve your last goal? I hope so! Feeling better about yourself? I hope so as well.

And me? Well, my last week’s goal is an ongoing process. I still have umm.. 18 days to write four more blog posts (down with two, my target is six posts for this month).

This week I am busy. Wait! Before you say “who isn’t?”, this week I have to work overtime [EVERYDAY!] in the office, pack for my Australia trip (I hate packing, again, who isn’t?), and get to know my first snail mail buddy. On top of all this craziness, my mom is visiting, which means I have to clean and organize my place up to Martha Stewart’s standard. All these have to be done in less than a week’s time people!!Yet, I still set aside some time to sit and write to you about it; It shows how much I like talking about myself.

 Anyways, with all that’s going on, I decided to take another week to achieve last week goal.

The Nectar Collective


So, this week goal = last week goal, but divided into smaller pieces; which is to publish a post that have been sitting on my wordpress dashboard for a long time, under the ugliest category: draft.

As a weekly wisher, have you ever extended your weekly goal? Why and what’s the goal?

If you never heard of weekly wisher before this and would like to join, please check nectar collective for more details.

Mr Bean Ladies

Ps. before I sign off, I want to attach a picture for you, but I don’t have a picture which is related to this post (at least I didn’t find any after looking through my iPhoto for 10mins), so instead I am attaching a posing ladies picture I took some time ago. We like? (Please ignore the photo-bomber).


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  • Great wish! I absolutely extend my weekly wishes! For some goals, just 7 days ain’t enough.

    For my blog, I sit for about 2 hours and prep posts for the week that aren’t time sensitive. That way, if I don’t have the energy for “real-time” posting—it’s not a big deal.

    Buena Suerte!


  • Happy weekly wishes! I’ve totally extended a goal before — in fact, that’s what I am doing this week. Research shows, too, that it’s better to accomplish the goal you set before moving onto another one (or adding more to that goal). 🙂

    And loving the new look around here! And now that I am in the comments section, I see it was designed by Melyssa! Oooh, very nice!

  • All those in a week?! Honestly I don’t think I can do it! Hopefully you’ll be able to publish that post soon! 😉

    Well, I’m a procrastinator, so I’ve been extending the period to strike off a complete read of a book. I.. should be ashamed. But I’m quite determined to finish it off this week, so I guess it’s good luck for both of us!

  • Lovin the new design! She’s great isn’t she?! Good luck with your crazy busy week–I totally understand how it feels! xx


  • LOVING that awesome photo bomber 🙂 I am so excited to be participating in Weekly Wishes for the first time (especially since I love peeking into other people’s lives). Get that draft out of draft!

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