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Weekly Wishes #11 : More Blog Post

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Greetings people. Last week I joined Melyssa’s Weekly Wishes linkup and posted my goal for the week publicly, which was to research about Australia. And research I did.

I looked for a place to stay and booked a wine tasting tour. Did lady Mary ever gone for wine tasting before? She must have had, considering the amount of wine served on their dining table every time.


I added Lamingtons and Boston Bun into my to eat in Australia list.

Also, I put Mt Buller in our itinerary. Now I have something to tell you; in my entire life I never experienced real snow. Not single drop. And I want to, very much. I don’t know what to expect there, but I know I’ll be seeing snow. The picture said so.

Source: http://www.mtbuller.com.au

Now, about this week’s weekly wish; I want to write more in my blog. It is not that I haven’t written the posts. I started writing it, and the drafts are there. Half done. Half read. Half self-doubting. Making my blog half sane. So my goal is to have more blog posts compare to any of other month, which is around five or six posts. Not many, attainable. I sure hope so.

Btw does this post count as one?

Okay people, Ciao for our weekly wishes. See you in the future.

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  • I loved your weekly wish list. One of mine is also to finish a few posts that I have started and re written multiple times.

    When I start to doubt myself I take a step back and realize that it is our quirks, bad spelling, rambling, etc that make us who we are and flavor our blog voice.

    Keep on writing and let me know how Kangaroo tastes (once you find it)

    Be Blessed
    – Cherin @ masterfullyme.com

  • Foreign Geek

    Cherin, thank you for the kind words. What you say about adding flavor to blog voice loosen me up a bit Phewwh..

    Promise to give you an update about Kangaroo but only if I could bring myself to eat it, because they are kinda cute…

  • Glad last week’s wishes went so well! YAY!

    And you haven’t ever seen snow?? OOOH THAT WILL BE SO EXCITING!!!!!

    As for the blogging thing — I find it’s a bit better to just let go, stop worrying (as much) about how things will be perceived, and do your own thing. Instead of Perfection Paralysis, just post those writings. Even if they are half done. Just stick a “to be continued” on it and let it go.

    Love your blog, love what you do, even if it’s not finished. Blogs are living stories and so that means they are always incomplete.

    Best wishes this week! 🙂

    • Foreign Geek

      Ay, Erika, thank you for the positivity and yes I will (love my blog and love what I am doing with it). I will check Perfection Paralysis soon.


  • Nuh-uh (is that how I type that sound?) NO self-doubting! I double-dog dare you to go publish one of those ASAP. You can do it. xx

    Allie / callmesassafras.wordpress.com

    • Foreign Geek

      Allie, I want to! and I will !! Thanks 🙂

  • yiwen

    I didn’t know people actually eat kangaroo until i went to aus! But according to them, there are lots of kangaroos…. so…. but I still can’t think of eating them…

    • Foreign Geek

      Hmm.. Yin, I am not sure myself, but maybe in Australia Kangaroo is like chicken/beef? If yes, I shall try and send you a screenshot of me eating it ;P

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