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Weekly Wishes #10 : Research About Australia

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The Nectar Collective

Weekly Wishes is a goal oriented blog post, shared and cheered on blogosphere, created by Melyssa from The Nectar Collective. I got to know about it when I started stalking following Erika from chimerikal. Her wish for the week had something to do with nail polish, what a cute goal <3 Ladies, you both are filed under AWESOME in my blog dictionary.

The more I read others’ posts about Weekly Wishes the more I am inspired to join the community!

Now, choosing the goal needs a bit of thinking. I have more than a hundred things on my to do list (don’t we all?) Including ironing a month worth clothes, preparing the first draft of my presidential speech, learn to cook (haha. Who am I kidding?). I know I should start with something simple (so i won’t bulldoze it with self inflicted laziness) and FUN but useful, after all it’s a goal. Well kinda.

Then I remembered that I will be spending about one third of next month traveling down under with my girlfriends. Yay! The thing is I have done nothing about it, except the few hours spent Google-ing on how to smuggle a koala bear past the airport security.

So this week’s weekly wish is to research about Australia. What to eat? Who to ogle at? And most importantly what to get from the supermarket?

Australia Painting 2010

Above is a painting of Australia, a birthday gift from my best friend. It seemed to be an appropriate motivation “board” for this week’s goal.

A newbie who would like to join can click here for more info.

All the best Weekly Wisher. See you at the end of the week.

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  • This sounds like a fun goal! I love all of the research and planning that goes into a tip!

    • Foreign Geek

      Hey, thanks Rachel. So where is you next trip?

  • Viv

    forget about koala. Still want to have you in my life. Not prison…

    • Foreign Geek

      Vi my plan was to make you take care of the Koala.. Now don’t tell me you don’t want that bundle of cuteness in your living room?

  • Oh I love your goal and I think I’m going to copy you next week!! I leave for Thailand in exactly two weeks but literally have almost no confirmed plans! I need to get on that. Thanks for the inspiration and for joining us this week 🙂

    • Foreign Geek

      Thailand ? Awesome. There are so many things to see and EAT there 😀 Thank u for connection us in blogosphere through Weekly Wishes.

  • Oh that sounds like so much fun! I love to do that type of research – though I can get side tracked alot and be doing it for hours… Good luck!!! 🙂

    • Foreign Geek

      Spending hours researching about trip is never a chore 🙂 Thank u for stopping by.

  • WHOA! What a wonderful surprise to stumble upon that awesome loving awesomeness that you wrote about myself and Melyssa!!! I was just like, “Oooh, I’ve got some time, I wanna check out all the WW posts…” and then BAM! This! HEYYYYYY! This is soooo kind, thank you! Just brightened my evening a whole lot! YAY!

    And then as for your goal: well, that’s sooooo cool that you are going to Australia (and also that your friend made you that cool painting). That’s on the top my to-see list! And looking up stuff is definitely part of the fun, so that’ll be good. Haha, you’ll have to try vegemite, too!! And I hope you succeed at smuggling that koala, haha! 🙂

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  • Nilcha

    that best friend is me #justsaying

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