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Strolling Around The Weekend Market

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Happy weekend, friends! What are your plans for the weekend?

Living in Asia, I never had been to a weekend market before, at least not to the ones portrayed in the TV, where the ladies strolled around smelling flowers while discussing about the men in their lives, or where a lonely girl met a handsome/exotic seafood seller; or where a murder happened in the beginning of CSI. Yes, I watched a lot of TV and I had my first glimpse of TV’s weekend market in Zurich.

Zurich Suburb We stayed in an AirBnB in the suburbs overlooking the lake (It was gorgeous, I will write about it in a different post). One day I woke up in the dawn, took a shower and left alone to roam around the city and take an afternoon tour to Heidiland.

Weekend Market The bus stopped me in the neighborhood center where I could take the train to Hauptbahnhof station. It’s where I saw the market. Not sure whether it’s only open on the weekend, but it’s a Saturday and I didn’t remember seeing it days before. The first thing I noticed was the energy. People were greeting each other, making a small conversation, and somehow I felt warmer around it.

11144260 The most crowded part was the vegetable stands. The fruits and veggies were fat looking; definitely inviting. But to have a salad meal on the weekend? Na’ah, I’d pass.

Flower Market I then saw the flower stands, gorgeous multicolor flowers which I have never seen in real life before, like orange-red and pink-white roses. I would love to get some to put in the house, but the thought of walking around the city with a backpack and a bunch of flowers the whole day didn’t seem like a good idea. Bye bye gorgeous flowers. Do you buy flowers from weekend market?

11144262 They had house plants, also wreaths and other Christmas related decorations.

11144259 I love how colorful everything was. It’s truly a treat for the eyes. At times it crossed into my mind, how lucky we are to be able to enjoy all these amazing colors in the world. We could even participate in a stupid debate about the color of a dress (it’s white gold). All because of the ability to see.

11144269 ^^  Buckets filled with different types of seasoned olives. This is one of my favorite among the pictures I took in Zurich. I could feel the taste of chili smeared olives every time I look at it. Have you tried seasoned olives? What is it used  for?

11144266 I could imagine this as my cousin W and her dog, making a small conversation here and there, being loved by the locals.

11144270 There was plenty of food to sample. A nice man offered some salami, while another gave me a small scoop of fresh jam. I wasn’t sure whether it was supposed to be eaten together. I did it anyway and surprisingly, it complimented each other. After thanking them profoundly for their kindness to this foreign looking girl, I hopped the train to the city.

I didn’t buy anything in the weekend market because:

1) I didn’t know how to bargain,

2) Do we even bargain here?

3) I carried very little cash and,

4) Putting a jar of jam in my backpack didn’t seem like a good idea.

11144263 If I ever get the chance to live near a weekend market, I’d make it as my regular breakfast place. I’d get flowers, engage in small talks, sample all the free salami and buy back a bag full of chili olives.

It’s something I really want to experience again and again in life so I sent the Universe the message to make it happen.

What are you doing this weekend? Whatever it is, I hope we get to share kindness with strangers, like a scoop of jam 🙂 See you next week.

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  • I really miss markets like these. We don’t get them so much in the UK.

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