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We Are Leaving On A Jet Plane

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Firstly, I am not sure whether I have used this title before. I think, I might have, but let’s ignore the possibility for now since I really am leaving on a jet plane, soon.

As the withstanding tradition to share random updates with you while I am in the airport (exhibit 1, 2 and 3), I feel compelled to whip up a half baked blog post filled with things that might not interest you at all, but let’s also ignore the possibility of that.

Many things happened in January, I celebrated new year in Sydney, had a heart-to-heart with Jik, passed IELTS, took and passed the Law exam (answered a few questions purely based on the information I retained from watching Law & Order: SVU marathon), signed a contract, went and half succeeded on diet, laughed every day, wrote 2016 goals, bought passion planner together with Che, watched first episode of the new The X-Files together with the whole world *I presumed* and discovered new blogs I like.

Speaking of the blogs I have recently liked, check out: Adventures Around Asia, whose niche is China and Friends in Ramen, whose niche is, yes, you have guessed it correctly, Ramen in Osaka. You guys, I take back when I said I don’t care about the niche of this blog. I want a niche. A niche is fun and focus; it’s an aim, a compass and can be the objective of me keep writing on the blog. That being said, I stand by my decision to not to keep an on-shelf travel blog. What’s my niche? I am still unsure, but I will keep writing and experimenting until I figure it out. Stay with me will you?

Alright now, enough with the crazy — I loved January, but I have been looking forward for February a lot since it means LOVE is in the air, more travels, Valentine’s day celebration, execution of mine and Che’s top secret random act of kindness plan, annual bonus (so that I can get a new phone since my phone has been borrowed indefinitely by Papa Geek, whose birthday is also in this month) and a big move.

In short, February is going to be fabulous, people. I hope yours too!

Koi Bubble Tea

^^ I see this in my near future. That’s right, I am off to celebrate Chinese New Year in Singapore with my cousins and we are flying with Singapore Airlines, which we managed to score on a promo price a couple of weeks ago (during Lunar New Year some more!) — I am super excited about spending some quality time with the cousins, since it’s my first girls only vacation since 2014 and first Chinese New Year celebration since err.. 2012?! Oh man, time flies. Never*.

I also have some free time over the weekend since best friends are back to their home town to celebrate the new year, which, other than drinking copious amount of KOI bubble tea, I am not sure what to do with. Any suggestion Singaporean friends? Meanwhile, bye for now, I really am leaving on a jet plane.

How about you? What do you look forward to in February?

*Update: Yes, in the flight, my cousin told me that we went to Phi Phi during 2012 Lunar New Year. And I felt like I went somewhere in 2011. Meanwhile, I was in Indonesia in 2007, ’08, ’09 and ’10.

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