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Sleeping Buddha At Wat Pho Bangkok

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We went three temples today, including Wat Pho in Bangkok.

The first was emerald Budha at grand place. The fashionable Budha whose clothes are changed (by the king) according to the season, summer, rainy and winter.

Then we took a river boat to travel along the river. It is a new and very  interesting experience. All those people who are living and whose house is on the riverside. We have a totally different life. Reminded me to be extra grateful.

Bangkok Temple

The second was the sleeping Budha temple the biggest sleeping Budha in the world. Sleeping is Budha’s last positing before he died. We learn many interesting facts from the guide. This was where I bought good luck for 20$ to put 108 coins 108 bowls.

Last temple was what pho the ceramic temple. We made our mark there with writing on its yellow wrap. Went back to catchucak to drink the “we don’t know the name of it” grass jelly, two each.

We also went to the pussy show. It wasn’t interesting at all. All of the girls dancing emotionless while a stack ribbon coming from the vjay-jay. I actually find the show sad.

We are also in love with Chatuchak, the weekend market. They have so many interesting and good stuff and cheap too.

We took tuk tuk back to our hotel area and had a heavenly foot massage.

Now it’s 11pm.

We are content and full and happy.

The room that we stay is awesome. It is a studio apartment like with everything. Everything, inclusive of torch light, dryer, cooking untelsis, etc. We are in love with the huge flat tv with the complete cable channels inside.

I am sleepy and a bit delirious. Night you guys.

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