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Warungs In Bali

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Hi there, I am still in Bali with friends. We are here for a gathering/function thing but if forced to tell the truth nothing but the truth I am here to eat andspendtimewithmyfriendsbecauseiknowtheyaregoingtoreadandcomplainaboutthis.

While in Bali, I have been trying to have as many meals as possible. “You feel full? It’s just your imagination; let’s have [insert Bali food/snack/drinks here]”, I reassured my friends.

One of the eatery places I like in Bali is warung. Warung, traditionally, is a small neighbourhood shop; sometimes they sell food, provisions or other things. I remember growing up and being given pocket money by dad to Jajan (buy snacks) in the warung beside our house and later at Warung Hijau, a provision shop near my house.

Warungs in Bali, the ones selling food, are essentially still the same as what it were years ago, they are still selling the traditional food, but many have been tweaked to cater to different types of customers.

I put eating at the warungs in my Bali checklist, along with getting a Balinese massage, trying magic mushroom, swimming in the infinity pool, and walking around Seminyak at nighttime. I am yet to swim and experience the magic, respectively.

Here are my favorite warungs in Bali, be sure to go there, eat as much as you can and later you can drop a thank you note for me; because people, you will love it.

Warung Made

Warung Made is the most famous warung restaurant in Bali. They sell local Balinese food also Western, Japanese and Thai food although why does one eat anything but awesome Balinese food in Bali, I will never understand.


Warung Made interior brings us back to the 80s Indonesia. I saw kerupuk (crackers) in  big glass containers, batiks, paintings and batik paintings. A humble ambiance. But at the same time, it has more than ten shops inside and one (or was it two?) dance floor. It’s a bit absurd for something called warung to have an international bookstore inside it. But they do. Looks like they are targeted towards the upper class tourists. Not me. I am a luggage stroller with a backpacker budget. I just want to eat, a lot, and hang out somewhere else.

Yesterday, when we reached there, it was raining, not in a sucky way; it’s more like enjoying dinner with the background of rain. Almost romantic, if only one other person was with me instead of fourteen of us. Which in a way was also good because this meant more food, which meant I could sample more. Hehehehe…

I ordered Nasi Campur Spesial (Special mixed rice) for IDR 65k. This is my favorite of Warung Made’s. Every time I come here I always order the same thing, eat it and then start eating others’ food.

Nasi Campur Warung Made

The mixed rice contains some kind of nice gravy on the rice, veggies, chicken cooked with coconut, beef rendang, urap (the Indonesian version of vegetables salad), curry fish, chili prawn, fried soybean, crackers, seafood skewer and pickles. I feel like I miss something, but I don’t want to Google it if I see their food I will beg my friends to go there again today, and for that they will spit on me, well they won’t, but they will totally spit on my gluttonous.

It has crossed my mind a few times this morning, to “get lost” for one or two hours, take a taxi to Warung Made and eat their suckling pig. I have been wanting to eat a suckling pig my entire life.

Okay, that’s a lie, I had one at a colleague’s wedding last year, and I went ecstatic, it was so delicious, intriguingly crispy. Unfortunately, since it was a colleague’s wedding with many others colleagues invited, I had to control myself. I wouldn’t be able to face them as the calm collected, and calculative Accountant lady anymore if I let the crazy out that night. So suckling pig in Bali plan felt like a postponed reward for that day, the thing is I either have to order in advance, or they have it only on certain days. Ah, never mind, still days to go. I will whisper words like “eat pig”, “nom nom”, “treat friends”, “crispy” over and over on the ears of my friends tonight, while they are sleeping. I am hopeful someone will be craving for it tomorrow, and I then will coyly say, ”I don’t mind go there again, for you, since you like it that much”. They might treat me for saying that.

There are lots of fantastic dishes in Warung Made, my tried and approved ones are tuna salad (very very good), fried grouper (again delicious), ribs (Yummy!) and banana fritters.

The star of Warung Made is sambal Matah. Yes, this is the sole reason I am thinking of hypnotising my friends in their sleep. Sambal Matah is another type of chili-based condiment. Before you shut me down for being obsessed with Bali’s sambal all the time, let me tell you, this sambal has another level of sambalness. Its so delicious that I could eat it with only rice and I did, I asked for a second serving of rice and ate it with sambal Matah only. You can get sambal matah in many places in Bali, I have tried it in Warung Eropa (read below), Dirty Duck, Ubud and other places but nothing, I repeat, nothing come close to the one at Warung Made.

Sambal Matah

Warung Made is worth a visit for its’ sambal Matah alone.

P.s. Last two pictures were taken from foodspotting. I didn’t take any myself. I was too busy eating to do anything except of course to order the extra rice. As an apology, here are the locations of Warung Made.

Warung Eropa

This afternoon was my first time at Warung Eropa even though I have heard about it a few times from other people and being a fan of Warung Made’s sambal matah (read above), I was never much intrigued to explore another warung, especially this warung, because it’s directly translated as European eatery place. and i don’t want to eat anything European while in Bali.

My perception was changed today morning when I was multitasking between taking selfies and eavesdropping on white dudes conversation. An Australian in mini shorts said to another Australian who is wearing more proper shorts, “I have been in here many times and eaten everywhere still Warung Eropa has the best duck”. Duck he said? Best he said? I want that best duck. I want to eat duck, but I couldn’t convince my friends to go to Ubud just for it. I tried. They said they would die on the way because of hunger. Gah! My friends are a bunch of sissies.

Warung Eropa? Maybe I could convince them, and I did. All of us packed in a Suzuki and off to Petitenget. Warung Eropa was a bit hard to find, we roamed around Seminyak and Legian trying to retrace our step last night. You see, we saw this place yesterday, half drunk, and later completely drunk on our way home from Woobar. Yes, the Woobar, when in Bali, we might eat like backpackers but we party like rock stars.

Warung Eropa

We finally found Warung Eropa after sometime, good that I rushed them long before lunch time. Like just after breakfast. I had timed it well.

We sat down. All of us ordered duck right away. I marketed the product well while driving here. It’s for IDR 75k together with rice and urap. When the BFF saw the urap, she jumped out of joy. Urap was on her Bali to do list. Urap, the uncooked veggies. Her list, it doesn’t have Aussie hunks to check off but it has uncooked veggies.

This time I remembered my camera, so I took pictures for you during waiting time. I am trying not to disappoint you too much here.

Bebek Warung Eropa

Our food came, I took one mouthful, I fell in love with it and I ate it again, and I fell in love with it again. Is this how it feels when they say falling in love with the same person over and over again? I loved it. Indeed it was better than dirty duck in Ubud. Dirty Duck I’m sorry, I still love you, after all you were my first, how can I forget our love growing on those padi fields, but Warung Eropa duck is better than you.

I don’t know why Warung Eropa is called Warung Eropa. Maybe this is how the European houses’ decors were in Bali before? Did the Netherlands invade Bali also? I can’t remember. Need to Google. Maybe because of the food they sell? They do sell some pasta thingy. If they ask me and I think they should, I came up with some names, one of it B3: Bali’s Best Bebek (certified by a mini shorts dude and a geek).

Warung Eropa Mirror

Today there weren’t many people, there were us and two other ladies having lunch. They wore sunnies inside, while eating. I want to slap those sunglasses off of their faces, but my friends stopped me. They calmed me down with another set of bebek and rice.

So let me repeat it again, when in Warung Eropa, although there are western choices, It’s the duck people. The duck. Believe this brown girl. Believe the balls dangling dude. Believe other strangers below. It’s the best dead duck in Bali.

Warung Eropa Sedap

If I must suggest something else it’s the perkedel jagung (fried corn dough) and the lemongrass wine. The details will be blogged by BFF. I will put a link to hers once she posted it.

These are the two warungs I have tried and tested and loved and later will dream about from my cubicle desk.

I am going to Warung Italia for dinner tonight, Yay for me! I will update you about it soon if I’m still able to write after all the deliciousness.

Have you been to Warungs in Bali? Which one and what dish is your favorite?

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