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Want to Be My Friend? Eat Sour Fruit

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My earliest memory was when I was in my mother’s womb absorbing nutritions. Oh wait, I’m not Lucy. I don’t even have good memory. So yeah, my earliest memory is a vague recollection of a play date.

When I was a little person, we lived in a little town, four hours drive away from the city. Our house, though small, had a huge garden (maybe in reality it wasn’t that big, but it was huge for a three year old me) where we kept our pet rabbits and pigeons.

It was an afternoon, I think; I wouldn’t have understood the concept of time back then, just counting on mom’s parental skill. I was playing with my dad’s friend’s son. We climbed trees and I challenged him, against my mom’s order, to eat the super sour fruit from Buni tree (I have been naughty since I was young). He did, he ate like five of them without making the irk sour-face. I thought he had some sort of a super power! I followed him around and finally made a friendship bond. Until now I regard him as one of my best friends, even though we only Facebook message each other a couple of times every year nowadays.


Whenever I recall this play date I always feel happy. Good memories keep the heart warm, don’t they? I messaged my best friend to ask whether he remembered our play dates, he hasn’t replied yet. How about you? What’s your earliest memory? Do you still keep in touch with your very first best friend?


I am participating in #BlogEverydayinSept. Yesterday, I talked about my most prized possession and tomorrow, I will be sharing about my celebrity crush from childhood (hint: he’s CHARMing). Connect with me? I am buzzing on TwitterInstagramBlogLovin’ and occasionally on Google+.

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