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Blogmas Day 3: My Favorite Youtubers Vlogmas

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Happy Blogmas day 3! I almost skipped today’s Blogmas post because of work stuff+girl stuff+stuff stuff. Initially I wanted to do a Christmas/Blogmas kind of a giveaway, but I haven’t done any preparation for it and with work stuff going on I don’t think I can squeeze in on the weekdays. Maybe I will write it coming Sunday. Stay tuned and win a chance to get the giveaway thingy.

For today I am going to share a few Vlogmas from my favorite youtubers (who are doing Vlogmas, obvs).

1.World’s Neediest Pug – MoreZoella

I have only started watching Vlogmas since last year. I was immediately hooked thanks to Zoey’s collection of it. Her daily life narratives are always fun to hear. Also, she is so pretty, like a doll, always captivating to watch.

2. Christmas Gifts & Birthday – Victoria Donelda

Even though it’s kinda about Christmas, technically, this isn’t a Vlogmas, but I want to introduce you to Victoria because she is super real and fun and we need to befriend her IRL.

3. DIY Snowglobe – Ingrid Nilsen

I have been a fan of Ingrid, even before her epic coming out video. I love how she could form a friendship like connection from behind the camera. In this video she shows us how to make a snow globe (I am also a fan of snow globe) from a mason jar.

4. Making Someone Smile – Lizzie Velasquez

I think I have watched all Lizzie’s videos. She is really, really, really inspiring. She blogs mostly about her thoughts and daily life, and it’s really heart warming to watch. A must follow. Stat!

Happy Blogmas everyone! Share with me your favorite Vlogmas in the comment below.

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