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I Didn’t Like Vietnam

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I didn’t like Vietnam.

Some of my western friends define Vietnam as the place to go while visiting South East Asia. Kinda like how France is in Europe. There must be a base to it, it might be because of the war stories (Paris for me was based on reading chick-lits) but it’s a generalization. South East Asia is much more than Vietnam. It’s the potluck Singapore, the richness of religious culture Malaysia, the Hindu influenced Cambodia and let’s not forget the lush rainforest of Borneo Indonesia.

Back to Vietnam, I tried so hard to like it, but it was staring at a city like Jakarta a decade ago. I have been there. I have seen it. A decade ago.

I toyed with the idea that it might be just Ho Chi Min City. Maybe Hanoi or Da Nang might be different.

I might even be biased because I never liked any type of noodle and Vietnam main food is Pho, or maybe because it was Thet there so I couldn’t really enjoy the normal local atmosphere. I don’t know, It’s just a personal choice I guess, I’m choosing not to like it.
At least, it gave me with a lesson, I don’t need to cross all the neighboring countries just because they are just right there, which is why I am taking off Philippines and Laos from my travel list, but I am still keeping Myanmar, because that’s a real travel dream of mine.

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