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Link Love: Valentine Edition

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[Tweet ““Then you must teach my daughter this same lesson. How to lose your innocence, but not your hope. How to laugh forever.” ― Amy Tan, The Joy Luck Club.”]

Once again, I am writing to you from the airport. It’s my Papa’s birthday week and I am flying home to celebrate it together with him.

I can imagine his face tomorrow when I bring him a cake; nope, it won’t be a happy surprise, it will be unhappy grunt. Yep, my (officially) old man doesn’t like celebrations, especially if it involves him being the center of attention (the exact opposite of his daughter, if I might add); but this time I don’t care.

Mom and I plan a birthday dinner celebration tomorrow and we will trick him to come thinking it is just a dinner. Being 60 is a big deal. He is a big deal.

I am at his age when he had me, but I don’t think I could ever love him as much as he loves me. One of the earliest memories I could reminisce was on the day he promised to take me to the beach, but I felt sick so I had to stay home. I was sad, but only for a little while because he brought back a pickup truck filled with sand and dumped it in front of our house so I could play in the sand as promised. My dad, the man who brought the beach to me.

I am hoping this forced birthday dinner will be another memory to savor in the future.

While I am home and helping myself with the biggest piece of the cake, again and again over the weekend, enjoy these hand-picked-heart-loved articles:

But first, you guys I joined Pinterest! Pin me, repin me (whatever that means), will you?

Foreigngeek Pinterest

My newest favorite blogger, Z, who share my love for Mindy Kaling and went for a sandwich instead of writing. Her blog is refreshing and funny. And I like funny.

It’s still the month of Valentine, love yourself more. Go ahead, get a pocket manfriend (Pete is my favorite). And while you are at it, consider Feng Shui-ing your Love.

I love this blog post about LOVE.

Krista wrote about balloons and dreams; and you think, hey, I want to be real life friends with them.

Do you do things that make you happy daily? Inspired to find recognize something that makes me happy everyday I joined 100happydays. Join us! I am on the sixth day on Instagram.

Caffeine lovers with a flight ticket to Seoul, check out these coffee shops.

I enjoy reading life according to other people, the daily stuff and their special days, and Mandira is sharing it fashionably.

The Happy Type Crystal asked my plans about this blog and here’s my answer.

Dear sekamehu, I have been thinking about you.

I am reading The Joy Luck Club this week. What’s in your Kindle?

You can win the tea and handcream combo, a giveaway from Beijing. Simply drop a comment or re/tweet the post by coming Tuesday.

Beijing Giveaway

Erin interviewed her Papa on her blog! How awesome is that?! I would love to do that someday. For now I am just going to force him to blow the candles.

See you next month! Stay loved.

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