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Let’s Be The Advocate for Heart Shaped Balloons

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Update: This article has been republished on Happy Cortex.

This might have already been an old news by now, but I really want to know, how did you celebrate your Valentine day last week? As I shared before, I spent it with Mama Geek. We wore color coordinating outfits from head-to-toe, because we are that kind of mother-daughter; the obnoxious kind. I took her to a restaurant which she never had the type of cuisine before and made her sample different items. She liked some, and complained about others. It was a lovely day people! Except for a brief moment when she told me, you know Mr *someone famous for talking only* shared on his FB that Valentine is just a commercialized holiday because we should show love to each other everyday. Gah!! If I hear or read one more time about Valentine is just a money making business, I am going to lose it!


Here is my reply to Mr. Know-it-all, nonbelievers, bitter souls (I, once, was one of you) about Valentine:

It’s a made up holiday

SO WHAT? It’s still for a positive cause, LOVE. We have many holidays throughout the year, some are for the things we don’t even relate to. If that’s the case, why oh why can’t we just be happy and celebrate love, one of the most essential things in a life? Valentine doesn’t even ask you to make it official. It’s just offering you free* heart shaped chocolate. *Go hang out in the mall.

Why choose a particular day when we love them everyday

I agree, we should show people we love that we love them everyday, but what’s wrong with taking at least ONE day to show extra love, to remind them that they matter a lot, to shower them with extra attention.  If you do it every single day, that’s freaking fantastic, but for me personally, sometimes life gets in the way, and I don’t get to show them or spend some quality time together with them. Valentine is a reminder for me to be grateful for the awesome VIPs in my life. We celebrate birthdays and holy days, don’t we? Even though we are actually should be grateful and happy for being alive and praying to God everyday, so why is Valentine any different?

It’s a marketing tool for us to buy unnecessary things

First, let’s get things straight, if you think that pink balloon is a waste of money, we definitely can’t be friends. Na’ah. Balloons haters at best are just acquaintances in my book. Now back to Valentine and gifts. I do agree there are thousands of companies who are using Valentine to mark up the price and sell more stuff. Heck, the price for a single flower on the V-day morning may cause a minor heart attack. But nobody is forcing us to buy them. If we don’t want to buy them or have no money to buy them, then don’t buy them. If our special someone forces us to buy them things on Valentine day, either save money, explain to them that we don’t want to do it, or dump them. But if we can afford to get our loved ones something, why not? Don’t boycott the art of gift gifting just because we are “too cool” to celebrate Valentine. And if we do have the means, why not go one step ahead and share our abundance with people who need it the most and or through charity? What’s a better way to show the world some love than a Valentine’s day?

It’s sucks for singletons

The biggest misconception about Valentine, even bigger than its sole purpose as a marketing tool, is that its catered for couples. Valentine is about love. Period.

When I was young, it felt bad not to have someone on Valentine day. Okay to be honest, I was sad that I didn’t get flowers, box of chocolates and every other pink thing my friends received. “I like pink, how came I didn’t get any”, young me would wonder. Eventually I grew and learned that love is much more universal compared to the one shared between a boy and a girl in a romantic way. I learned my own ways to extend the celebration. I have celebrated it with my girl friends bar hoping, I had Galentine’s day ala Leslie and Ann with BFF, I spent it once in a group study with my schoolmates (it turned out to be so much fun, one of my best school memories), I celebrated it many times with Hulk and the best one, with myself. I bought a cheap flower bouquet and an equally cheap bottle of wine for 7-11 and a big box of cheesecake from a bakery (this was when I was still underpaid and underweight. I couldn’t afford the good stuff, but could eat like a cow) and I honestly had a good time.

What I am trying to say is please find ways to celebrate love, with or without someone special, on Valentines or any other day you choose to, because why wait for another 360 days to eat heart shaped chocolate? And always start with yourself. So, for the last time, tell me, what did you do on last Valentine?

Love, Hugs and Kisses,

Ms. Any Excuse to Celebrate Life

Ps. Feng Shui more love into your life, what I did last V-day and my latest project: Stamp Love.

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