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How To Fake Traveling Solo in A Group

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This is a follow up on the last post, tips for traveling with friends, especially point 7, to carve out alone time while traveling. I don’t know anyone who needs more me time than I do, but maybe that’s because they are busy doing their own me time for me to take notice. The ones who are close to me know well that I’ll become a crazy bitch if I’m not left alone by myself for sometime everyday.

I have avoided issues so far by giving heads up to people about my crazies and choosing to live alone, but this type of problems arises when you travel in a group as you are practically in each other’s faces ALL THE TIME. In the past, I had dreaded traveling with a group for a long time, there were some tears shed and some hairs chewed. It was bad. But the more I travel, and I do love traveling with my friends, I learn to adapt by incorporating some solo traveling activities while traveling in a group, like:

1. Carry a journal

Journal and chocolate

The main reason I need me time is to process my thoughts.  And if I only sit alone without any prop, most of the time someone comes to give me company, conversation topics are thrown and before I know it, the crazy voice in my head is ignored. A book is not much help also, as it will invite questions around it. The safest bet is a notebook. When asked, just tell them you are writing a diary, even if you are only making a list of the things you ate today. They will leave you be. And that time is golden my friends.

2. Fit in a private itinerary

Girl at the Library

While traveling, I try to block a time to do something by myself. I tell them that I’m going for coffee in the morning before anyone wakes up or going for a massage or library if it’s appropriate. The trick here is to tell your friends that you are really okay about doing it alone and you are not doing it just to avoid them or better yet, prior to the travel explain to them that you need some me time.

3. Order the room service instead

White Room with A Window

I have volunteered to stay back in the hotel room or hostel when my friends buy food or are partying the night out. Staying at the hotel alone, with all the bed space, room service and TV remote being mine for a few hours. Sign me up stat! My socializing mood will be elevated and I like them better when they come back. Talk about win-win.

4. Adjust your in and out aka traveling dates

If all else fails, let’s say because your friends love you too much and refuse to leave you alone lovingly, come early or go back one day after. I never thought of it until my last trip to Hong Kong when I had an accidental solo day waiting for my BFF who came from another part of the world. Initially, I thought it would be boring, but it turned out well. I spent the day doing things I knew she wouldn’t want to do without any guilt and when she reached I couldn’t wait to spend time with her. Btw, do you know I did? I spent my day in Disneyland, rocking it with other kids!

Hong Kong Disneyland

Thanks for reading. I will give you the update of Europe stories soon.

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  • This is great advice. I’m thinking about traveling with a friend in a few months and alone time is a real concern for me, so these are great!

    • Foreign Geek

      Thank you Sarah. I am glad if it helps in anyway and thank you for stopping by! Sorry for the late reply, I just got back. xo.

  • Really great post! I haven’t traveled in a group in aaaages but I remember feeling very similarly to how you describe. Breaking away from the group for awhile is really important. Now that I am older and don’t feel the need to sleep in until 10am every day, I really cherish a morning alone getting coffee or at the book shop. You nailed it 🙂 Have fun on your upcoming travels!

  • Marie’s Travels

    Exactly what I did when traveling to Honduras for 2 months with 20 others. Great list!

  • Awesome ! As i love travelling with my friends this will be very helpful for me.. I bookmarked this post in my Ipad and use it while i am planning for travelling with buddies.

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