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Travel Memoirs

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Annyeonghaseyo people,

I am writing to you from Gimpo International Airport (fyi Busan only has one airport, I and the besties spent 10 minutes franctically checking this fact). Busan has been a good fun. I recommend a short stop there when you visit South Korea.

Recently someone asked me what my favorite book was. I searched through the shelves in my brain, kinda like Amazon but way messier and I think it is still Eat, Pray, Love. Before you judge me for being a bimbo who only reads books turned into blockbuster movies, I am here to tell you are wrong, no.. not about the bimbo part but the reason why Eat, Pray, Love is my favorite.

 Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert


I read this bok long before it was famous, three years before the movie. I picked it out on a whim in a bookstore where I had started to become a regular. I liked it first not because it’s about traveling, that love only came much later, Eat, Pray, Love spoke to me in its’ first few chapters. When Liz cried in the bathroom for marrying the wrong man and decided to end it (not her life but the marriage). I remember reading it in bed and kept rereading it many times. It felt like someone had thrown cold water on my face and woke me up from the longest unwanted dream. Deep eh? But it was like that. It wasn’t a turning point yet but I was never the same thanks to Liz.

Later, when I read for the third time, I fall in love with it because of her travels. That love brought more love for these books :

An Idiot Abroad by Karl Plingkton


I had a hate-hate-deep love relationship with this book. You see I have been wanting to read it for some time, because it’s a travel memoir,  but every time i picked it up at Kinokuniya i put it back. The title of the book appalled me so did Karl’s picture. Only an idiot will read a book titled idiot I thought and I was an idiot to think like that. I bought the book from the Sydney airport in preparation for a 24 hours journey back (flight and its excruciating layover). I finished it before we landed and have become Karl’s loyal fan within hours although I can imagine him not approving me to be his fan.

Karl is some sort of an English celebrity who was forced to travel the seven wonders of the world. He didn’t like, was feeling burdened by and managed to write his unhappy thoughts about it. He also almost never brought back any souvenir to his long-term GF. In a nutshell he sounds like umm.. an idiot a jerk no? But he is not! He is keeping it real and he is hilarious. Me likey.

Yet another book i hesitated to pick up because it’s about sailing in the sea and the only thing I can relate to was my seasickness. I finally caved mainly because I have been following Torre’s blog and enjoying her writing. It is now one of my highly recommended books in 2013 along with The Fault in Our Stars.

Why do you have to check out LwaCoD? because it’s smartly written (think the opposite of Fifty Shades), it’s funny, it’s a memories so the love story was real, and it will take you to exotic islands, whale watching and feel the adventures that broaden mind all while sitting on the sofa, or in my case laying on the bed, reading.

Adventures of 2 Girls by Pam and Ning

Adventures of 2 Girls

I have been waiting to read this book ever since I read its synopsis on CLEO. Finally i downloaded it to the kindle and devoured it over a weekend. It’s a travel memories of two friends who travelled for nine months. They came from a different background, a magician and a journalist and were traveling for different reasons. But they did it, wrote about it and it was awesome !! I so want to do it with my BFF! Let’s plan it Jik! Before we turn 35. What do you say?

What I really like about the book is that the stories felt so normal yet exciting, like reading someone’s, actually twosome’s, diary and I always like reading stories told by different perspectives (Gone Girl was one of the best book that did it). Adventures of 2 Girls is a good Asian travel lit. Pick it up ladies!

Four Things Friday

Bonus: Lost in Japan by Cayi & Gelbo

Lost in Japan

Whenever I visited Jakarta, I stopped at the Gramedia bookstore to check out the local authors. I bought Lost in Japan couple years ago as I was about to go to Japan and I really loved the way Cayi and Gelbo wrote their book. It was about traveling on a budget, friendships and exploring the world as a newbie. It’s a heartwarming book and I can so relate to them. The book is written in Bahasa Indonesia. Indonesian readers and friends I am recommending this book for you. Last year I bought another book of theirs, Lost in Korea, which inspired this trip. Yep, a whole week trip to South Korea was inspired by a single book. That’s the power of travel memoirs guys.

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  • Tracy O’Neill

    I Love Eat, Pray, Love and I’m no bimbo either! I love the movie too! Who can’t get carried away in the amazing travels and self discovery that takes place? I personally could use a little of that right now. Maybe I should revisit that…..

  • These look like some great recommendations! I will admit that I shy away from books made into movies which turned me off to Eat, Pray, Love (I used to work in a bookstore and the people who asked for the book made me just say no) HOWEVER, you’ve changed my mind! I might be picking this up to check out in between assignments. I hope you had fun and ate EVERYTHING.

  • Ack, I have not read a book since December. You totally make me want to read every single book you talked about. The only one I’ve read is Eat Pray Love. So naturally now I must read the rest! 😛

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