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Food, Color & Travel Bloggers and The Reasons Why I LOVE Them

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I started reading blogs so many years ago. First, I read my friends’ or of the people I knew. Then I started reading informative blogs that were directed by the things I googled, including school assignment questions (too bad I couldn’t google physics’ answers). Later, travel and lifestyle blogs because both were equally fun. I remember being panicky when Google Reader discontinued and giving bloglovin the stink eye in the beginning. Well, that was then, now bloglovin‘ is my go to place to read all my favorite blogs. It has replaced Facebook on my phone and one of the first I read even before getting up from the bed. It inspires me, speaking of which, these are four inspiring bloggers who I have been loyal to for years because they are AWESOME:

Bloggers I Love

1. Unbrave Girl

She is the Liz Lemon of the blogging community. She travels, has a cat and obsessed with food and her cat. She is my spirit animal, or I am hers. Either wayI loved her writing so very much, I once spent an entire flight ride devouring her e-book. If Sally ever needs a kidney, I most definitely will.. help her find one.

2. Priya’s Obession

Other than the fact that we don’t know each other beyond the few words retweeted, Priya feels like a friend for me. Her writing is original, like her love for Mariah Carey when we all have moved to Taylor Swift, and relatable, like when she cooked canned beans and called it Mexican feast, when she fought with the store lady because she had enough or when she talked about going traveling. Never change Priya, Mariah and I need you.

3. Color Me Katie

Katie’s blog is the first photography blog that I have fallen in love with. She portrayed such a happy and colorful life that I would love to live in her world. Unfortunately for us, normal earth-is-round-n-I-live-in-a-box people, she has stopped blogging for close to two years now. Still, her old posts are worth to visit you guys. If you don’t believe me, check some of my favorite posts of hers, she: said goodbye to her long hair // invited stars into her bathroom // made homemade business cards.

4. Oneika The Traveller

Another travel blogger, another blogger crush. I found Oneika’s blog last year and I have ever since checked her blog at least once every day from work. I didn’t care if it raised a red flag from the IT department and my boss asked me about it, I’d owned it. I’d say it’s because I want her life instead of calculating numbers and I’d walk away dramatically after throwing piles of papers everywhere. Oneika has the coolest life. She lives as an expat, had travelled to almost half of the world countries and earns from writing. Who wouldn’t want that life? Btw, Oneika is a newly wed. Let’s congrats Oneika!

There are more bloggers who are my favorites as well. Wait for the second part of this post or maybe I can make it a regular feature? Let me sit on the idea. How about you, what are your favorite blogs? Thanks for reading you guys.

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  • Sally Thelen

    Wow. “Liz Lemon of the blogging community”?? That’s pretty much the nicest thing ANYONE has ever said about me. I’m going to have that put on my tombstone.
    Thanks so much for including me!

    • Foreign Geek

      You are most welcome Sally. I didn’t know you like 30 rock as well.

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  • Thanks for sharing some of your fav blogs – I’m always looking for new travel reads.
    Claire xx

  • Such great choices! I can never have enough people to follow. I didn’t like Bloglovin at the start either – but now I have Bloglovin for fancy blogs like yours and then Feedly for all the WordPress blogs I follow.

    • Foreign Geek

      You made me smile 🙂 Thanks Charlotte. Do tell me about your favorites one.

  • Priya

    I know I’m late, but thanks for including me and my love for Mariah on this list!

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