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Ode To Train Rides

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Train rides are like tea. It’s a beautiful ritual that gives you a sense of tranquility.

And I am obsessed with it.

The love for trains is a trait I shared with Sheldon, though our reasons are different. He likes playing with toy train and to know all the technical stuff of a train. I like to hop on a real one and enjoy the ride.

Train rides bring you to your destination, literally, but also mindlessly. The exact opposite of the hassle of plane rides.

Like sitting in the living room doing your own things and suddenly transported to another country.

It’s a borrowed time, we are traveling, we are going somewhere; that’s our main purpose, but the byproducts, the couple of hours of being idle? That’s the cream de la cream of public transportation.

It’s a pleasure.

We can walk around even moon walks and nobody would come and remind us to “sit down, please.”.

And there is an ever changing scenery. It’s never boring.

The possibly a good meal.

The people watching and in most of the train rides, especially the overnight ones, are an interesting bunch.

The time spent in the train are some of the best hours of travels.

Memories are created on the train. Good ones.

My first train ride memories surpassed the memory of the first school day. We lived in a small town and Papa Geek would occasionally go on a business trip to the city; Mama and I would tag along on those few hours journey. I remember enjoying the ride so much even from back then.

Fast forward twenty years, I woke up on a rainy night in Paris on the Eurostar train, and my love for train rides are sealed. Deeply.

Then there was the time I took the Shinkansen with my besties, to Tokyo all the way from Mount Fuji, while witnessing Vi devoured 5 eggs by herself.

And the one I took to Beijing, passing by the rural China, on my first solo trip.

My most favorite is a tie between the ride to Koyasan and to Vienna.

There was the snowy one in Korea with the same set of besties.

jungfraujoch train

Oh wait, how could I forget the Northern Express ride to Wellington which must be, hands down, the BEST train ride of my life.

Every year, I plan a train ride inclusive trip, be it a whimsical or a passing a country journey. As long as I get to experience it, I am one happy traveler. This year, unfortunately, I haven’t taken one yet, but I see it’s happening on a very near future *hint: check out my SnapChat ForeignGeek.

Trains which are on the top of my wish list: the mystical Trans Siberian, the fancy Maharaja Express in India and of course, Hogwarts Express. Also, I would love to get married on the train. There you go Universe, I am putting it out there, make it happen.

Have you ever taken a train ride while traveling before? What do you usually do on the train? Any special ritual?? Also, share with me what’s your best memory of train ride! Because I really want to know.

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  • Trains are my favorite way to travel too!

  • Oh Nana, I really like how you described your love for trains! I like trains, but the ones in my country are so so bad, and the ones in Germany so much more expensive than buses, so I don’t really take them that much. I did when I lived in Finland on a number of occasions, and in the Netherlands too. But my favorite was the one I took to Shanghai from Beijing. The (ever-so-quickly!) changing scenery was so interesting, and I couldn’t believe my eyes that we were traveling at the pace of 300 km/h. Also, people watching in China was so much fun!

    Tihana // Wandering Polka Dot

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