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GIRLS: I Want To Live in Shoshanna Tokyo Apartment

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Girls Japan

Do you guys watch GIRLS, the famous TV show created and starred by Lena Dunham? Me? I am not a fan, I find it a little too advance for my taste, but I do watch it sporadically, mainly because I really like the character Shoshanna from the start. I like her quirkiness, naivety and uber chic hairstyles. As the only child, I can relate to her; her SATC infused previous apartment and the way her brain works. But the way she behaved around men? Gosh, I’d prefer her cousin, Jessa, anytime of the day.

Over the weekend I caught up with the GIRLS latest season. Ho and behold Shosh is living in Tokyo!! What?! Since when?! Did it happen in the previous season? I can’t remember. But there she was, living the life I dream of! Well, sort of, since *spoiler alert* the losing her job part sucked and I am perfectly content with my non Japanese BF.

I watched the latest episode 5 times, 5 times you guys! But only her parts (and thank God there was only like 10 second of Marnie’s appearance in the entire episode). And here is the breakdown of the things she has that I am super jealous about her life in Japan by screenshots from my laptop:

Shoshanna GIRLS apartment

This is the first scene of Shosh Japan life. A glimpse of her Tokyo apartment. Actually the lion stuffed toy hanging on the ceiling was the very first scene. I want it all! I want the hanging lion (mine would be a cat), the green tea pot (mine: pink), the bed (I used to sleep on the mattress on the floor before I moved to Singapore) and I have the exact white lantern. I also want the green poles.

Shoshanna GIRLS alarm clock

Here is the first sighting of Japanese Shosh. We share a pink obsession, vintage drawer and thick eyebrows. Let’s talk about her talking alarm clock. It’s called Clockman, it talks (in Japanese of course) and rolls his eyes. It originally comes in four colors, each with its own distinct personality based on blood groups. Unfortunately, they don’t ship to Indonesia. Damn!

Shoshanna Girls showering

This is a typical bathroom scene in Japan. A unit bathroom, it’s a single piece unit of a bathroom made of plastic produced in the factory. It’s pretty normal to spot this in a Tokyo apartment.

Shoshanna Japan

Shoshanna is buying breakfast with a long queue behind her. I wonder what could it be as I never ate Japanese breakfast on to go if we don’t count the onigiri from 7-11. Is it some sort of noodles? Is it dim sum? The pony tailed girl is eating it like a dim sum and there is a stack of steamer baskets in the background.

Shoshanna Girls Tokyo train

Shoshanna on her way to work; standing in the train like sardines and walking pass Shibuya. I have done both scenes. I have squeezed myself together with Tokyo’s morning commute and walked, aimlessly and minus the kawaii headphone, around Shibuya.

Shoshanna Japan

Shosh in a Japanese working environment. She greets everyone effortlessly, even complimented on Mari’s something in Japanese. I can’t see myself working in a Japanese company, though, so hopefully I win a lottery before moving to Japan someday. That way I don’t need to think about the work part.

Shoshanna Girls sento

But then it wouldn’t be so easy to find friends who want to chit chat, naked, while soaking a hot water in a sento, would it? Maybe I can convince Vi and Yin to come with me as well. We have done it before, it would just be another round of girl time for us.

Shoshanna Girls onsen

Shoshanna Girls cotton candy

This is my most favorite part of Shosh’s Japanese life so far, the girls chillaxing time after sento and that too with cotton candies. This reminds me of our time in Lake Akan‘s Tsugura Wings, where we spent the days soaking in the onsen, eating buffet for breakfast, lunch and dinner and trekking the neighborhoods. The Japanese (and my) kinda of staycation.

Shoshanna Girls origami clip

Origami hair pin!! I.want.now.

Shoshanna Girls drinking Japan

I have done this as well! Drinking with Vi and Yin a small neighborhood food stall in Asakusa. Gosh, how I miss it. Girls, shall we go to Japan again please?

Shoshanna Girls Japan friends

And the next time, we will go to a kinkier Japanese theme cafe. I promise.

Shoshanna Girls

Throwing stuff randomly into her patterned suitcase, pink iPhone and nail polish, multiple rings, food fridge magnets and canceling an appointment at the last minute.. Yes, we at least are soul sisters.

Shoshanna Girls Tokyo The one thing of Shoshanna’s Tokyo apartment that I am not a fan of is the apartment itself. As much as I love the explosion of colors and tacky stuff, the apartment building feels too eccentric for me. I’d prefer to stay in a normal neighborhood apartment, somewhere in outskirt of Tokyo. But if you are interested, you can actually rent it out on AirBnB. How cool is that?

 A honorable mention


Sushi PJs! I saw this on TV yesterday night when I was half asleep. This morning, I thought I dreamt about it. Nope. It’s real. Well TV real, but you can still buy it kinda real. You can, I can’t, because this one also doesn’t get shipped to Indonesia.

Back to the TV show GIRLS. I am eagerly waiting for their next episode tonight. Will there be more Japanese Shosh drama? Gosh, I hope so! Oh, speaking of Japan, Happy White Day you guys! I hope someone gives you chocolate today (^o^)

How about you, which TV character would you want to exchange life with?

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  • How awesome!! I’ve been meaning to catch up on Girls for a while now.. and this has definitely pushed me to do so!! Those apartment buildings are all over Pinterest! 😛

    • Foreign Geek

      But Laura, you live in Japan! You are actually living the life I dream of 🙂 Btw, I am preparing a itinerary for the next trip to Japan, I have been reading your blog for some ideas. It’s a treasure!

      • Thanks so much!! Definitely try and check out Okinawa on your next trip! 😉 I haven’t explored Mainland Japan as much as I would want, but still have a few years left here so hopefully I get to plan more trips!! Currently plotting a trip to the Snow Festival next year 😀 😀 😀

  • I too was totally obsessed with this episode and basically coveting Shoshanna’s life abroad and how easily she was able to integrate. Amazing. Thanks for all the screen caps and a great post!

  • That’s so cool!
    Really rare to have a proper shower like that though – usually it’s just next to the bath.

  • fifth season took viewers to Japan, where Shoshanna has been happily working and living for several months after landing a job there at the end of the fourth season.

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