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50 Super Fun Activities To Do In Phi Phi Island

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  1. Get one hour Thai massage.
  2. Get your hair braided.
  3. Go to Maya beach.
  4. Eat fresh seafood by the beach.
  5. Greet people with Sawadeeka.
  6. Buy books from second hand bookstores, read it, write on its margin and leave it for strangers to find.
  7. Drink home made coffee.
  8. Do hard core sheesa.
  9. And get high.
  10. Buy stuff to boost the local economy.
  11. Snorkel and dive.
  12. Get another massage and another.
  13. Take hourly Instagram pictures.
  14. Wear ankle bracelets.
  15. Visit Anna’s.
  16. Eat at Phi Phi Corner Seafood.
  17. Oogle at naked bodies.
  18. Start to accept and love your body here.
  19. Watch the sunset.
  20. Visit Koh Lanta.\\
  21. Drink countless of Breezer.
  22. Drink Shingha.
  23. Join morning Yoga class by the beach.
  24. Jump on the fire hoop.
  25. Watch fire show.
  26. Collect sea shell.
  27. Swim.
  28. Take a long tail boat.
  29. Visit James Bond Island.
  30. Talk to the cats.
  31. Make friends with strangers.
  32. Hold a wedding.
  33. Buy $1 dress.
  34. Eat freshly made croissant.
  35. Walk along the beach.
  36. Send postcards to your loved ones.
  37. Night swims with the plankton.
  38. Get a tan.
  39. One bracelet for every single day you are in the island.
  40. Buy local toiletries.
  41. Meditate.
  42. Take a Thai cooking class.
  43. Stay at the beach front accomodation.
  44. Write a post about it.
  45. Play beer Pong.
  46. Get a tattoo.
  47. Drink the night out.
  48. Rock colorful bikinis.
  49. Swim in the ocean.
  50. Bring back the happy memories.

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