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Perth Diary: 9 Things To Do in Perth

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Howdy mates! The things to do in Perth supposed to be published last Friday, but I kinda didn’t do it because I was too busy getting drunk on both wine and cheese with BFF who came for a visit over the weekend. #validreasonfornotblogging.

Back to my things to do in Perth list, here are my top choices:

1. Have a picnic in the secret garden at Yanchep National Park

Garden by the lake

This probably was western Australia best kept secret, a picturesque garden by the lake. It reminded me of the lake we saw in the Switzerland, only better. If you ever plan to do a garden themed wedding in Australia, like my BFF does, the Yanchep National Park garden would be my top recommendation.

2. Get close and personal with the wildlife

Western Australia Kangaroos

Western Australia Koala

Before Perth, I have seen plenty of kangaroos and a couple koalas, but never ever up close like the ones we saw in the Yanchep National Park. It was a totally different experience, to stand a few meters away from hundred of kangaroos or within a hand reach distance from eucalyptus munching koalas.

3. Go fishing in the freezing cold

Fishing in Perth

To be honest, this is not my kind of fun, not even my kind of things to do in Perth, but with plenty of amazing seasides, it might be yours. At least, a family of four who we met during a very brief seashore stop during the tour thought so. No cold wind nor the single digit weather seemed to bother them.

4. Eat the biggest lobster you have ever seen

Perth lobster

I LOVE seafood. Lobster? Not so much. I always find them too expensive for the not so great taste. But that’s before I ate the fresh lobster at the Lobster Shack. It was simply grilled with garlic and it tasted so damn good. Yum! Plus, I only paid $25 for it, which helped to enhance the taste in my head. The grilled lobster meal should be in everyone’s things to do in Perth list.

5.  Experience magic at the Pinnacles

The Pinnacles Perth

The Pinnacles, set in a golden sanded desert, is nothing like I have seen before, not even when we were in Dubai. It’s a form of stone sculptures, which brought both awe and eery feeling. But it was a different kind of eerie feeling I felt inside the Fremantle Prison (no.7 on the things to do in Perth list).

6. Stroll around Fremantle

Fremantle Perth

My colleague told me that Fremantle was a must visit and after spending the whole afternoon there, I must agree with him. This port town supported a very chill vibe where time seems to freeze for at least a couple of decades. There are plenty of things to see here, including the Fremantle market on the Cappucino street.

7. Get inside the Fremantle Prison

Fremantle Prison

Even stay in it if you dare, but even if you are too weak minded to do sleepover Orange Is The New Black style, like me, I still recommend to visit it. During the daytime.

8. Get drunk at the port

Fremantle Port

Fremantle port was crazy gorgeous and with rows of restaurant, it’s a perfect spot to wind down and let loose. That’s exactly what I did.

9. Enjoy Perth city center

Perth at night

Though there were many things to see around Perth, my favorite part was the Perth city center. It was where I first fell in love with this city. There were lots of vintage buildings and restaurants to be explored, not to mention the uber cool City of Perth library.

Don’t miss out on Perth, visit the city, even for a few days, it will be worth it. Do visit Perth and tell me all about it! This post concluded the Perth Diary series, at least until I visit the lovely city again and get back with ideas about more things to do in Perth.

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