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88 Things I Love About Singapore

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Here are things I love about Singapore. The ones I surely am going to miss once I leave the country
  1. Punggol Nasi Lemak
  2. Malayam Food from Spice Junction
  3. Chocolate pancake from Mr Bean
  4. Kinokuniya bookstore
  5. Changi Airport
  6. The MRTs
  7. Books Actually bookstore
  8. Littered Books bookstore
  9. Duxton Hill
  10. Chong Qing restaurant
  11. My best friends
  12. The quirky boutique hotels
  13. Little India
  14. Arab Street
  15. Social House
  16. My school
  17. Night bus rides
  18. The convenience
  19. Blogger friends
  20. Being neighbors with Thailand
  21. 24 hours Starbucks
  22. Botanical garden
  23. Post office
  24. First Thai
  25. Boat Quay
  26. Cat café
  27. Singapore River
  28. Clarke Quay
  29. Prince of Wales bar
  30. My office
  31. The city’s skyline
  32. Kues
  33. Kate Spade store
  34. Twelve Cupcakes
  35. Indian food delivery
  36. Row and row of Indian restaurants
  37. Crab-o puff at Old Yang Kee
  38. Korean Quarters
  39. Beer Fest
  40. Universal Studio Singapore
  41. Gambling
  42. Halloween celebration
  43. Merlion Starbucks
  44. Long walks
  45. Plaza Singapura
  46. Tim ho wan’s bbq pork
  47. The mix of culture
  48. Anything available anytime
  49. Reaching anywhere within an hour
  50. Cloud Forest
  51. Fast internet
  52. Cleanliness
  53. Indian saree
  54. Family friends
  55. Infinity pool at MBS
  56. Strictly pancake
  57. The museums
  58. Koi café bubble tea with ice cream
  59. Ah Chew dessert
  60. Singapore Eye
  61. Chili crab
  62. Dunhill
  63. Friendly neighbors
  64. My landlord lady
  65. People from all over the world
  66. The greenery
  67. Sisha-ing at Arab St
  68. Abundance of weird people
  69. Bishan neighborhood
  70. Windy days
  71. Cheap food court
  72. To be able to blend in and be invisible
  73. Nando’s
  74. Local bloggers
  75. Gandhi’s
  76. Efficiency of the system
  77. Bhai place’s vadai
  78. Appreciate for the arts
  79. Mustafa
  80. Indian movie theater
  81. Teh tarik
  82. Pump Room
  83. Observing Geylang nightlife
  84. Appreciation for the number 88
  85. Christmas “market”
  86. Grocery store wine
  87. Singapore Great Sale
  88. National Library

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