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About The Geek

Hi there! Welcome to Foreign Geek!

Foreign Geek, The Writer

I am Nana, the geek behind the blog.  I love to read, to travel and to write. Inheriting a nomadic soul from my parents, I enjoy traveling a lot, but unlike many wanderlust beings out there, I had a late start on traveling, whilst, I have been writing for fun long before that.

My favorite city in the world, where I dream of packing my bags and buying a one-way ticket to, is Kyoto. My second favorite city, the city I would be if I were one, is Berlin. Meanwhile, my current wanderlust is the USA. I want to experience the ball drop on New Year’s Eve on the Times Square. When I win a lottery, the first thing I am going to buy is a guest house in Rotorua, New Zealand, where I’m plan to retire.

The Geek

My life goals include becoming the president, building a school for the needy, traveling to new places, spreading joy, publishing a book, and ticking things off of my Celebrate Life list.

Words I live by, “Let the geek flag fly high powerfully choosing the way we live our lives and a readily packed travel carry-on.”

Foreign Geek, The Blog

Started on 27th August 2012, the day I took a day off of work, the blog is a hybrid of the passion for traveling and writing, as a way to document and re-live travels and happy memories.

Inside you can find stories about friendship, live report from various coffee shops, Harry Potter and sneak peeks of expat life. There are also a few projects going on currently. Stamp Love, where I set to send postcards to 100 different countries in the world. Celebrate Life list, a number of things things I have accomplished or wish to in the future.

I am dedicating the blog to all of you who have been yearning to pack your bag, buy a plane ticket to refresh, to experience and be fascinated by the world we live in. I hope my writings will entertain and inspire your wanderlust soul and curious mind about foreign cultures; connecting you to the places you have been or hope to be someday.

In short, Foreign Geek will take you around the world to somewhere different every day.

Foreign Geek and Miaw

The Miaw

Miaw is my travel companion; he is the last thing I grab whenever I am going to the airport. He is there in the on the logo of the blog, and will be the mascot of Foreign Geek the company, someday.

Anywhere we go, people are always happy to see him. He once even made a bunch of Japanese schoolgirls squeal “Jiji” when they saw him sneaking out of my backpack.

Miaw’s biggest life goal is to take a selfie with his ancestor, the Sphinx in Egypt. Meanwhile his favorite things to do include starring blankly at the wall, adopting new pets wherever we go, judging people silently and taking over this blog every now and then.

He is super glad that you are here and promises that he will travel and write more in the blog.

Favorite quote: “Let the Miaw be with you!”

Foreign Geek and The Gears

God • Pink MacBook • Crystals • Samsung NX 300M Camera • Day job • notebooks • Brain • Internet • Glitter pens • Instax camera • Family, Friends & Readers • Backpack • Gratitude • Cupcakes • Passport • Coffee •

Foreign Geek and You

And finally I really want to thank you! Thank you for stopping by, for reading my blog, for connecting and for being the awesome soul that you are.

I am open to do bloggers collaboration, sponsored post, product reviews and advertising in general. Send me an email for further discussion, but please note that Foreign Geek, the blog, mainly is just a fun hobby and I like to keep it that way.

Now, I’d love it if you would hang out for a while. Who knows where in the world you’ll end up after that?

Stay Awesome!

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