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Link Love#2: Thanksgiving Edition

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Happy Thanksgiving Bloggers,

I so envy you right now for celebrating Thanksgiving. Here in South East Asia, we don’t get to celebrate it. The closest we have to the Thanksgiving is the Mooncake festival, which is awesome and also my favorite, but it ain’t THE Thanksgiving. There is no turkey feast, no day off, no black Friday!!, no parade and no rerun of F.R.I.E.N.D.S on the TV.

I plan to adapt the tradition by getting a turkey (or a roasted chicken if they don’t have the turkey) from the supermarket, share it with my neighbors and watch Monica dance with a turkey stuck on her head tonight and, maybe, some online shopping on Cyber Monday.

Now some link love the Black Friday Thanksgiving edition:

  • I have never read I BELIEVE.. post before but I super like Ashley’s that I want to post one myself (She believes in staying in a hotel room in your home city which is one of my life goals).
  • You will need Black Friday Survival Guide if you want to score the half priced Kate Spade bag. 
  • I have been following Franka, the crafty mail queen for some time before contacting her to a mail exchange. That was almost a month ago and finally my package reached her. Yay!
  • Stumbled upon a post about Bangkok drip coffee while browsing coffee shops to go to in Bali. Need to check Groupon for cheap BKK 2d1n deal.
  • My two favorite words combined: Chocolate Festival. I don’t care if it takes year(s) of saving, I am going there next year or the year after that.
  • Meet one of my most fave bloggers, she designs blogs, gives awesome tips and throws a fabulous party. Allie, I want your life — but not in a creepy single white female way.
  • Have you ever loved a place you visited so much that you don’t want to share it with others except the ones who are in your Christmas list? I have but I’m not telling where.. (hint: It’s a small Island in Thailand).
  • These sitting-on-the-couch-after-the-thanksgiving-meal questions are a deep and will make you think which is kinda the opposite of my blog but it’s good. It’s really good that it made me think which is kinda the opposite of my life.
  • Zia and I get excited when we find an Indonesian restaurant abroad.
  • Salute to Mish for handling internet trolling with style (and just the right amount of bitchiness).
  • Lastly , I joined the sponsorship wagon and the first one is at Nomelizabeth. Check me out under Yummy People. I picked her blog because I like its’ vibe, warm and positive.

Check out the previous link love Halloween edition.

Enjoy the links! So how are you spending your turkeylicious holiday??

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  • Ashley Nevis

    I feel so honored that you mentioned my “I Believe” post! I would absolutely love to read your own version 🙂 And yes, staying in a hotel room in your home city is so much fun (and much cheaper than traveling somewhere else!)

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