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Back to My Teenage Bedroom

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Hi peeps, I am home. I mean at my parents’ and back to my teenage room. I know that I have announced it many times last week, but the feeling hasn’t sunk in yet. So yes, parents’ home. Eek! The irony of being 30 and living in my parents’, with their-roof-their-rules rule doesn’t escape me. [Tweet “At age 30 my mom had a husband, a baby, and a Nintendo set, while I have two boxes of personal items floating on the sea, dangerously decreasing saving account and a several whatifs that keep me awake at night.”]

It’s not without reasons. I want to spend quality times with them and there are some loose ends to tie before moving to the next place. So yes, I am taking a gap month(s) aka a rent free living situation that comes with curfew.

I reached last Friday and I had been hibernating+binge snacking+profiling people together with the Criminal Minds experts throughout the weekend. Also, it was my birthday weekend, so we went out for dinner, just the three of us, which was great. Birthday story and pictures are coming soon, it’s a wee bit frustrating because we are still using dial up over here.

[Tweet “I am experiencing slow death while waiting for the dial up to connect me to the world. “]

Meanwhile, let me share with you my Birthday List*, which is a number of goals to tick before I blow another birthday candle:

  • Keep a travel journal on the next trip.
  • Travel to EIGHT new places.
  • Converse in basic French.
  • Redesign my blog.
  • Send 12 handwritten letters.
  • Move to Australia.
  • Attend blog conference.
  • Write a published article.
  • Apply for scholarships.
  • Invest some $$$.
  • Make a wearable jewelry.
  • Start & finish a scrapbook journal for the last decade.
  • Attend a hot yoga class.
  • Meet a blogger friend in real life.
  • Journal every day.
  • Make a birthday card for someone.
  • Try on a white wedding dress.
  • Read tarot for people.
  • Make a vlog.
  • Take 365 pictures of Miaw.

*Inspired by Xandra.

I am participating in #BlogEverydayinSept. As for the lack of travel stories, I have been feeling uninspired lately, let’s blame it on the dial up. Also, I am not posting any picture with this post, again, the dial up is to be blamed! (secretly praying to the dial up God to let me publish this post). I will come up with something interesting tomorrow. Promise. Thanks for reading and not judging me for living rent free.

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  • The night I moved out of my parents house my mom turned into a office/den so now when I visit it is not like my room at all and so weird feeling!

    • Foreign Geek

      Wow, that’s unideal situation :! I feel lucky that my parents kept some of my own stuff/memories in the room. Thank you for stopping by Bailie <3

      • It is not so bad since now my brothers who are much younger than me and still live at home have a place for all their games and things and she did put a pull out couch so I can still technically sleep in there if I want.

  • 365 pictures of Miaw is super pleasing to my eyes! And GAAAH I remember that (not so) good ol’ dial up. D-U-G should give you priority because you have awesome stories to share!

  • So you want to move to Australia? Where do you live now? Good luck with all your goals.

  • Oh living in your parent’s house! I did that this summer and it has its ups and downs. I’m sure I’ll be doing it again whenever we move back to the US. Good luck with your next steps 🙂

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