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Beyond The Beyond Seaweed Post: 10 More Souvenirs From Japan

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You must have known by now about my love for Japan. The love I have been declaring every day. One of the things I love most about Japan is the abundance of cute stuff this country has. It’s so easy to buy souvenirs from Japan (not so easy on the wallet) and I did some the last time I was there. Here are some of Kawaii items I managed to put in my overweight luggage.

1. Cute socks

Japanese Socks

If it’s up to me, I would wear a different pair of socks each day for the rest of my life. And if it money had allowed, I would have bought all the different socks displayed in the picture above, except for the Frozen ones, I don’t get the hype around Frozen, maybe I am too old for that?

Cute socks make good souvenirs. They are affordable, take very little space, functional and did I mention cute? I ended up buying the Inside Out ones for my cousins and myself, obvs.

2. Everything lavender


If you go to Hokkaido, especially Furano, you are bound to see all kinds of lavender items in the gift shops. Don’t think twice, stock up your lavender essentials for your boss, aunty, cousins or exes for lavender is a souvenir that’s truly universal. I brought back lavender keychain, fridge magnet and dried lavender which would last for months.I also sent a lavender card with real lavender stuck on it to my BFF in Sydney.

3. Knife


Japanese knives are famous worldwide, a fact I found out only recently when I roamed around the Tsukiji fish market before dawn. The knives are derived from Japanese sword craftsmanship, known for the sharpness and versatility. Maybe that’s why it makes all the sushi chopping look so effortless. I didn’t buy it though, since I wasn’t sure how to explain having a knife wrapped inside my onesie to the TSA.

4. Folding Fan

Japanese Fan

The beautiful folding fan is a Japanese delicacy with a rich history behind it. This is a perfect gift for the ladies in your life. The only lady in my life is Mama Geek. I got her a blue fan with two gold fishes drawn on it. She loves anything with a couple of fishes on it. It reminds her of her love to Papa Geek, she said. Anyways, she loved the fan and has been taking it with her everywhere. This fan is a cheaper and more convenient alternative to Yukata.

5. Anything Muji

Muji to go

Oh Muji, the holy grail of everything minimal and functional. My love affair for Muji has been rolling in the deep for a long time. There is always something useful I could score every time I go inside the Singapore Muji store (though the Hulk would disagree). Japan Muji was like ten times better. It has EVERYTHING you could think of for your minimalist and organized daily life. I got green tea powder both for hot and iced, traveler wallet and countless zipper bags.

6. Doraemon


Doraemon is a beloved Japanese manga character. He is a robotic cat who traveled back from the 22nd century. Depends on where you are from, you might not know anything about it, or if you are like me, you might have spent your childhood watching him on the TV every Sunday. And if you did, I am sure the ones you are bringing back this blue cat souvenir for would love it as well.

7. Electronics


Electronics are cheaper and more up to date in Japan. Not all, but some, including Apple products, especially if you know where you could get a good deal. I bought packs of Instax camera film, which cost half of what I used to pay for here. Side note: was so tempted to get Instax wide, unfortunately neither my luggage nor my credit card agreed.

8. Disney

Disney Store

There are a few Disney stores scattered around Japan, including Shibuya with its three level store. Don’t forget to visit one and rejoice with Mickey, memories and uber cuteness. I got the Jasmine bracelet for my cousins and some Disney baby stuff for the kiddos.

9. Marimo


Read all about this green blob thingy here. It’s a small, yet meaningful or at least, would stay interesting for a long time. So get one or ten for people back home as souvenirs from Japan. I got one for my colleague, Sydney based BFF and myself.

10. Cat

Japan Cat

Japan is deeply associated with cat as it’s the most famous good luck symbol in this country. Cat paraphernalia are there anywhere and everywhere you go. It would even turn you into, dare I say, a cat lover. Bring one home for the cat lover in your circle (*uhuk* ..me) or at least for yourself as a remembrance of Japan and increase your good luck.

I hope this list inspires you to shop for your loved ones, or send me Kawaii stuff, or send me to Japan so I can buy these souvenirs for you. If you need more inspiration, read my first instalment of souvenirs from Japan, that doesn’t include seaweed. Hence the blog post title, which admittedly one of the weirdest titles posted here, but eh.. Stay awesome!

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  • I LOVE Muji!

    • Foreign Geek

      Me too! We have it here in Jakarta and I always stop by at least once a month

  • Isn’t it strange, that one can love everything cute that Japan has to offer and Muji at the same time? I am a big fan of Muji (especially their pens – I love pens and stationary) and even wrote my thesis about it. I couldn’t agree more with your list!

    • Foreign Geek

      Wow! That sounds very interesting! May I read your thesis please??

      • I would gladly send you my thesis (provided I find it on the laptop I brought to Japan) but since it is in German I am not sure if it would be helpful f(^_^;)
        But thank you for your interest

  • เทพี อาร์ม

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    1. Japanese sweets

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    3. Japanese green tea

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    The origin of the authentic Japanese green tea, those who prefer to drink tea, do not miss. Suggest buying the envelope in order to drink at home. Purchased at supermarkets

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    There are many benefits of drinking green tea helps the quenching also helps to neutralize free radicals. At leisure, we sip tea warm. Reading Play chess or chat with friends. The idea is interesting.

    Green Tea – Japanese souvenir shop Yenjaitravel.
    Green Tea – Japanese souvenir shop YENJAITRAVEL.
    Who better to buy souvenirs?

    For buyers deposited the relative popularity of tea. Have green tea from Japan as a souvenir drinking brew hot water heater, it would be extremely impressive. Elderly people often do not want to calm the chaotic nature of drinking tea. What is the sense of serenity

    4. Japanese cosmetics

    Japanese cosmetics Buying of Japanese Yenjaitravel
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    5. Banana Tokyo (Tokyo Banana).

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    A popular dessert is taken as souvenirs. Because I go to Japan, bought Tokyo Banana come every time. Chiffon cake is soft. Put cream custard Dr. banana. Banana flavor And a few people from a trip to Japan. Will never hear

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    ################################################## ############

    When we know what some of the most popular souvenirs. A visit to Japan urged Heading back home empty-handed It souls To keep you connected to impress with your relatives. The buy to let fans leave their parents, relatives, friends, you must think I’m going to buy. Then choose the gift from Japan to suit him. He will impress you deeply. The trip to Japan will be valuable to others TIS even more so.

    Finally, for tourists to travel home safely, securely track my Japanese reading material with me … the Japanese have to know that you do not know !!!

    credit. http://www.yenjaitravel.com/บทความญี่ปุ่น/5-อันดับของฝากจากญี่ปุ่น/

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  • Vanessa

    Hi can i check with you where you get those cute socks from? 🙂

  • I saw so many awesome socks last time I went… All of which were too small for my US Size 11feet =[

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