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Soul Sisters Snail Mail

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I have forever wondered what is normal for other people?

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October was the second time I participated in the snail mail collective. The main reason I joined the “program” is because I like to get to know people from different backgrounds. I’m curious about other cultures. 

Last time, I had a great fun getting to know Stephanie from Meet With Smile and this time, I was paired with the beautiful Bee, a blogger from California. Bee and I share so many similarities with that if Melyssa ever creates matchmaking software I would be the first one to sign up and promote it.

We like French culture, Anime and bubble tea. We both have a sweet tooth, enjoy reading, getting a manicure and do girly shopping. I can easily list ten more things we both like. Our emails have been dominated with the phrase “me too!!”.

Bee is a wife and a mother of (soon to be) two. She is going to have a baby daughter soon, whom I’m sure will inherent her inner and outer qualities. Her preparation for the baby is just so lovely. I sent her a lilac dream catcher and she put it in her baby girl’s room. I am honored since I really like the room (I have been taking a peek of it more than I like to admit).

As for Bee’s mail, I didn’t expect to get it as fast, so I was thrilled to see a pretty package sitting in front of my door. I couldn’t believe she decorated the package! I always pack and send my mails directly from the post office during lunch hour. I am already satisfied as long as the postal guy can read the handwritten address and for me to get a decorated package? Loved it.

I found three written notes inside, which she decorated with stickers (Bee I also love stickers!! Hahahaha.. How old are we really??); a Hello Kitty travel name tag and another Hello Kitty pink notepad, lots of tea bags (her favorites this time of the year), a Parisian notebook and blank Kitty letters. Wow, what a treat!! But the best treat was the magazine. I love that she included it especially since I  told her once that I like reading magazines to unwind. It’s my guilty pleasure.

Thank you Bee.


Bee is into snail mail you guys, check out her snailmail Instagram. If any of you are interested in exchanging mails or whatnot, message/follow her, I am sure she would love that (but you might need to wait because baby Meadow is coming this month).

Bee’s Blog: http://beelette.wordpress.com/

Before I go, may I ask for extra kindness from you? As you know Typhoon Haiyan had destroyed places in Philippines. Let’s help a little! We can volunteer, donate or raise awareness. For a donation, we can send to UNICEF, Habitat for Humanity and Red Cross; it might be equal to an afternoon coffee or even a night out, it doesn’t matter, as long as we share it with the need.

Thank you very much; I will tell Santa to add you to his nice list.

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  • So glad you liked it! And I think at heart I’m like 7 years old haha.

    • Foreign Geek

      Hahaha.. me too !! Well maybe a little older.. I would settle just being 12yo. Btw I really like all the things you gave, I have been taking the tea bags to work and enjoy it day by day. Thank you Bee.

  • Hannah Karim

    You got sent so much cuteness, I love the Kittens.


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