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Snail Mail With A Smile

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Guys, I came home with every intention to write my Travel Tuesday post to *ehem* entertain you with *ehem* another post about Australia but look what I got in my mailbox today!!

Mail Packages

Hi my name is FG, and I am an online shopaholic.

Piles of bills and judging myself aside, one of the packages was from my first snail mail buddy, Stephanie from Meet With A Smile. I should have gotten it sooner, but there was a problem with the neighborhood post office. I think.

I joined Snail Mail Collective last month, and I am glad I was paired with Stephanie, because at that time, I was struggling to juggle a full time job (that pays the bills in the picture and the online shopping addiction) and blogging, a hobby, which makes me happy. I felt like I was stretching myself thin; then came Stephanie, a mother, a blogger, a jewelry designer AND an Etsy shop owner, a dance instructor and a wife. She is active in church and the local community as well. Woaaah what a role model Universe! I had to stop whining on my diary and started learning to manage my time better instead.

As a person, in the emails I mean, Stephanie is a compassionate, kind and very positive. I would love to be a real life friend with her.

We emailed and shared random stuff about each other. It was unusually easy for me to open up to her and share my dreams and woes. I hope it was the same for her. She did tell me the sweet story of how she met her husband, it made me smile when I read it, but it was not mine to share more, so you must ask her yourself.

She has a lovely family AND the cutest baby girl ever, Reese. She was featured on The Nectar Collective’s #18 Weekly Wish‘s innocence theme, how could she not? You want to see Reese? I know you do! Check out Stephanie’s Instagram for the adorableness overload.

Now, may I show off my first American snail mail package, please?

Snailmail Package

September’s theme was Back To School.

My favorite is the To Do List notepad!! I am a To-Do-List kinda girl. Every morning before I zombie walk to the bathroom, I review my errands of the day. The thing is I never told Stephanie about this, but she got it right, such a happy surprise! Another favorite is the super cute pair of polka dot socks. Stephanie must have found out about my socks fetish (only clean and cute ones you guys!) from the many many socks I Instagram-ed. I also got GoldFish crackers which I almost finished as I write this; hip pencil cases (will be my make-up pouches); and sweet sour candy, Hulk’s favorite, I am keeping it for now so I can open it together him.

Stephanie wrote lovely words in a card and gave several snapshots of her city. I really love the gestures. Thank you Stephanie for being thoughtful. I kept both in my journal. Maybe someday I get to see it for real. Oh yes, I would love that.

Now it’s your turn to join the SMC linkup, it’s a fun way to meet interesting people around the world! Like me meeting Stephanie. Do you know that one of her dream is to write a book? I know she so can! and one day she will.

The Pink Neon Sharpie is for Stephanie too !! My first Sharpie ever

Bye for now you guys, I want to write this week’s things to do in my new pretty notepad and open the rest of the packages. Oh and don’t forget to stop by Stephanie’s blog. Thanks for reading.

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