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Sharing the Self Love

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Choose to believe in your own myth, your own glamour,  your own spell. A young woman who does this (even if she is just pretending) has everything.‘ ― Francesca Lia Block.

Hi loves,

Recently, me and the BFF have a new routine at work. We send each other quote of the day during office hours. Sometimes I send her something that represents my feeling for that day, sometimes what Mindy Kaling said. It’s just a tiny, even silly gesture, but I have been looking forward to it, especially during pulling-my-hair-but-holding-my-tongue work “moments”. Her quotes about random stuff never fail to make me smile. Today though I couldn’t find something that feels right. Something about loving oneself. I ended up sending nothing to her. Now with a little time on my hand, I decided to make it myself. I am dedicating it to all self loving geeks.

Believe  –  Words I live by. Get it for your desktop and for iPhone


Adore  – I have been gallivanting around Gala Darling‘s newly designed website and saw this quote. It’s her new tagline and I am 1000% on board. Get it for your desktop and for iPhone


Heroine  – by the mega talented Nora Eprhon; The full quote says ‘Above all, be the heroine of your life, not the victim.’ Yes, it’s a choice. Let’s choose the one that has a super power. Get it for your desktop and for iPhone


Role Model – My favorite! The famous words of Dr. Mindy Lahiri – Get it for your desktop and for iPhone

Role Model

and Voila! Self love isn’t so bad eh? I am kinda proud of myself for not getting too distracted by Olitz’s on and off and so on and maybe off again romance scenes playing in the background. I already sent the iPhone version of Role Model to the BFF, waiting for her move now.

iPhone ForeignGeek

You are super welcome to download these wallpapers and love yourself a little more this weekend. If you do, would you please tweet/instagram me a picture of it on your computer or iPhone? It would totally make my day. Enjoy! Now, your turn, share with me your favorite quote! Also, do you send it to your BFFs?

Four Things Friday

Linking up with Nicole of Treasure Tromp. Thanks for reading. Have a fabulous weekend. Mwah!

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  • Love the glitter. I think even MIndy Kaling would approve. 😀

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