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I Am Guilty of Eating Seahorses

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Editor Note: The post below contains animal face. On a plate. If it’s something that will gross you out, just skip this post so you can continue loving the writer. If you go ahead and read it, and be grossed out by it afterward, too bad! we have informed you, but you didn’t listen. Now you have to keep loving the writer, no matter what.

Writer Note: I am also the editor.

Editor Note (2): Do you even love the writer in the first place?

You know when some bloggers open up a hidden part of themselves, become vulnerable and write about it. I always wanted to do a similar post. The thing is I don’t have much self layers. What I write here is what I am; terrible with house chores and obsessed with travel. If there is something about me that I don’t go around and share with others, it is that I have a blog and I eat chicken feet.

What weird thing did you eat this time?” Hulk asked me as soon as I landed. We have a different food palate, I and him, I would like to think I am a little more open to eating new things. And it’s because of a papa who eats anything brought me up. He had eaten bats and snakes, among others. One of our father daughter routines was feasting on frogs, freshly caught from the field and fried, with sweet soya sauce. Wait, if you never tried it before I know it can be EWWWW!! But don’t we all have “normal” food that other people find gross to eat?

I guess it’s all boiled down to culture and open-mindedness. Even now, I can’t stomach eating bugs, they are black, ugly and they crawl! When I saw them selling it on the street in Korea, I quickly walked away. I was a little freaked out by it! Ugh.. BUGS! But Hulk was right; I did eat a few unusual things on my last trip.

Chicken Feet

It feel like I am cheating by putting it on the list because I have been eating it since well.. forever. My mama used to make chicken feet soup when I was young. And it’s a normal dim sum in some restaurants here.

Dim Sum Chicken Feet
Image Source : http://hungryhk.blogspot.sg/2013/08/dim-sum-bar-harbour-city-tst-hong-kong.html

The best chicken feet dim sum I had was in Hong Kong. It was a treat by Yin’s friend, a crazy/interesting girl named Dara, but the China one was delicious, as well!

Duck’s… and Jellyfish

On my first night in Shanghai, Yin took me to Bao Luo. It was a fancy schmancy restaurant, they covered the table with a white cloth and provided white napkin to match. Feeling adventurous, I thought it would be nice to try the duck umm.. face. Yin agreed. Also, it looked good in the picture. I pointed the nice picture to the waiter and minutes later it came.

Duck Face

It was a bit jarring to see it for the first time. We were face to face, I and the duck. What the heck! I took a bite and it was utter deliciousness. The dark sauce (soya?) smeared on its skin added to the bite of perfection. We ordered another one and waited for it while munching on the jellyfish.


While walking around Myeongdong on our first day in Korea, we saw a small restaurant that sells chili squid and nori rice, or so I thought. Since we already had lunch, but I really wanted to try, I persuaded Yin to share a plate with me.


It was super nice, the only thing I felt weird while having it was that I was eating rice as a so-called snack. When we stepped outside of the restaurant, I tried to take a picture of the food displayed outside. My jaw dropped. That squid that we ate, it was SEA HORSE. Yep, we ate those cute little things in the cartoon. I felt bad, but it was too late.

Sannakji aka Dancing Raw Octupus Tentacles


This one took the cake because it was almost alive. I told the girls that I want to try the live octopus tentacles, way before we reached Korea, but once we were in Korea, I stopped thinking about it. The endless delicious food, I hadn’t had the time to think about the dancing tentacles.

I knew about it from a colleague who had tried and loved it. He described it to me. and my knowledge of Sannakji ended there but not my curiosity to give it a try. I have never seen it before, not on the TV, not in real life. So I almost jumped off of the tatami when they put it in front of me when we were having lunch at the Noryangin Fish Market. I squealed, so did my besties. It looked.. Aiyo it’s moving! Like slimy worm, only it was artsy-er.

I didn’t think I could eat it. I mean it’s moving, trying to escape. I was all weirded out. I tried to squeeze one in between my chopsticks, it wrapped itself in it, eww. I stopped. Maybe this was my limit. But how could I stop here? How could I go to Korea and not eat live octopus tentancles, it’s on my list! It would be Amsterdam and weeds all over again.

All these internal battle and I saw Vi took one, dipped it into the soya sauce and put it inside her mouth. She screamed a little, survived and declared that it was nice.

So yeah, how bad could it be? I took one. Dip in the sauce so dampen it moves, to “kill” it, but it didn’t die. It was wriggling in my mouth. I chewed twice and swallowed it. I DID IT! I put something that moves into my mouth! And it tasted delicious! How? I had no idea. We finished the whole plate, made a video and sent it to my parents. My dad, the bat eater, called later to say, “You are my daughter. You eat anything!” A father daughter moment you guys, defined by eating moving things.

And that’s that.

In conclusion: eating something “weird” is nicer with soya sauce.

Four Things Friday

Thanks for reading you guys and try not to judge me too much, okay? Lady Gaga wore a meat dress, I just eat the meat. Btw, Bao Luo, known as Paul or Polo in English, is a great place for a good dinner. Highly recommend it! I am linking up with Nicole for Treat Yo’ Self Thursday. Because by trying all these meals, I did treat myself.

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  • Duck checks and pig feet are so good! I like the way you eat

    • Foreign Geek

      Thanks Liz 🙂 I never tried pig feet but I will

  • That acknowledgement from your dad. (Y)

    • Foreign Geek

      Oh ya ! I felt elevated 🙂 but that might be because of the wriggling tentacles inside my mouth

  • You are a very adventurous eater! I am not sure if I am that brave, but I am hoping to try Sanakji soon! 🙂

    • Foreign Geek

      Bri when I wrote this I thought of you! and that you must have eaten weird stuff as well! You have it in you, start with Sannakji, I promise it’s nice 🙂

  • Wowzers! You are brave! The jellyfish I think I could try… It’s all a mind game, my mind is too weak and sooo not brave. Even if it’s good hehe. Props to you!!!

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