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Most Costly Non Emotional Samsonite Luggage

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A new room, a few new undies and new countries later, I am back!

I have nothing much to say today, but I just want to keep this writing habit rolling. I am lost in touch with my writer side. I finished reading Mindy Kaling’s book in a day (2.5 hours of commute, 1 hour waiting time and skipping a few pages of deeply discussed unrelated Hollywood movies). At the end of the chapter she wrote about her funeral arrangement. It reminded me of mine and this blog. Or my zero motivation to write. After some deep digging, I realized what’s keeping me from not writing my blog was not an inspiration nor my busy schedule at work, but a table. So I went to the market and bought a picnic table (because that’s all I could afford).

So here I am, the weekend after the purchase, writing to you.

i meet my besties today. We had Japanese food and dessert that looks like rambutan but taste plain. I told them it reminded me of cotton ball, they told me I am weird. Gosh, I missed them. I haven’t met them for a month now and as usual, it’s nice to catch up. Especially when all three of them justify my (unwillingly) purchase of a luggage for Euro 185. A guilt I had been carrying for days.

“Samsonite”, I told them.
“Good invesment!”, they replied.

I came from a household that put a cap of 20 bucks for a luggage purchase. All my previous luggages were hand me donw or borrowed but never returned type. So yeah, I hope they are right.

Lastly, I got a hair cut today, just below the neck. Dare I say that I look cute, but more because of the saloon’s blow dry. Let’s see tomorrow, after I wash it.

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