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Weekly Wishes #26: Rediscover Bali

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Guys, Hulk and I are going to Bali this week (YAY!!) for our year end vacation. Yes, it’s a month too early, but it’s much cheaper this way since we like a good bargain and we love Bali. No reason not to.

We have been excited about going there again since last weekend even though we have been there before. We talked about the food that we are going to eat (him), and the places we are going to visit (me). Also, to be honest, I am looking forward to spending more than a weekend worth of quality time with Hulk. The business of work and life sometimes get in the way, and I have been wanting to hang out just with him, or him, food and some light read (I am in the middle of This Is How You Lose Her by Junot Diaz).

Now lets talk about Weekly Wishes shall we?

photo (19)

Before I jump into this week’s, I am happy to report that last week’s goal has been ticked off nicely. I purged old makeups like a year old mascara (must get a new one), wrong colored lipsticks and two eye shadow palettes (must not buy these anymore); a pair of broken shoes which I kept because I like them a lot; some tees, magazines, forever entangling accessories, a whole lotta paper and some other stuff. I kept some aside to be given away, and threw the others. At the end it was more than twenty items for sure.

I LOVE having half empty and organized drawers; the issue now is how to maintain it so besides than the One In One Out rule, I have a plan to declutter regularly. I have put a reminder on my iCal for the next one.

This week’s goal got something to do about Bali, or more like something to do in Bali. As I mentioned, we have been to Bali before, although there are places that I would like to visit again, like Bali Bakery, Kuta beach or Warung Made, I want to experience other sides of Bali (Gosh.. I am feeling incredibly lucky to be able to say that). The ones I have never seen or eaten before, so my main goal for this week is to put my thinking PJs on and create a trip itinerary based on my last minutes research. I will be looking for new things to experience and places to eat in Bali. Besides Google, I would love to get your recommendations*.

Mini Wishes: (I am counting on my extra free time this week to tick it off)

1. Celebrate my fabulous BFF birthday (I can’t wait to give her gift to her! I hope she likes it. Hihihihi..)

2. Get to know my snail mail buddy, Natasha.

3. Hide my Bali itinerary from Hulk, the itinerary hater and,

4. Tone down my controlling type A attitude while in Bali and be much more relaxed but still..

5. Send a postcard to Melanie as a part of the postcard brigade from there.

Speaking of postcard does anyone want a postcard from Bali? I would love to swap postcards with you and get to know the place you are currently living in or traveling to. If you want me to send you one from Bali, drop your name and address to my email at foreigngeek.com@gmail.com; a postcard and fun facts about Bali will be coming your way.

Thank you for reading and the recommendation you guys. All the best for our Weekly Wishes. Read the rule and join the link up here.

*We are into the culture and local food.

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  • Rima Sagala

    mmm yes i want a postcard from bali (even tho I bought one when I was there hahaha) and I will send you a postcard with something LA or OC on it. Warung Made was soooooooo good. My friend took me to Nasi Pedas Ibu Andika and that was killer. I loved Bebek Bengil in Ubud. Gosh I miss Bali.

    • Foreign Geek

      A postcard is on your way Rim btw kemaren makan Nasi Pedas sampe sesak.. Good stuff !! Eh eh have you tried Warung Eropa’s crispy duck? A must try next time you visit Bali !!

  • Alisia

    OH MY GOSH! I am so jealous about Bali! I hope you post everything about your vacation.

    • Foreign Geek

      Hahaha.. Thank you Alisia 🙂 I plan to once I am back. Thank you for reading my blog

  • I AM SO JEALOUS NOW!!! Have fun at Bali!

    • Foreign Geek

      Aiyo Liz, Bali is a stone’s throw away from SG 🙂 Book your ticket now X:)

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