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We Executed Random Act of Kindness on Valentine’s

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100 Pink Roses

Happy Valentine’s Day you guys!

Okay, lay it out, what did you really do on Valentine’s? umhum.. umhumm.. Whatever it’s, I hope you had your version of fun and most importantly, were kind to yourself.

I celebrated Valentine differently this year. There still was the traditional dinner (pasta) and drinks (copious amount of Moscato) tradition, but this time I shared it with my cousins. There also were roses and gift, but this time it was on me.

Well, on me and Che, and we had a memorable Valentine’s day.

It all started with us talking about our passion planners, random act of kindness and Valentine’s day ideas. I told her I planned to give our team mates, 10 of them, a rose each on Valentine’s day. And she told me she wanted to write a Valentine’s card for each of our colleagues, all 173 of them. It’s pretty obvious she was much more thoughtful than I am. We decided to meet each other halfway and share 100 roses to all our female colleagues. Anonymously.

Laptop and rose

On the Friday before Valentine’s weekend we came an hour earlier and did just that. To cover our tracks, we also gave ourselves a pink rose each.

Before, I had already anticipated our colleagues’ reactions: some smiles, some questions and some expressionless faces. But it turned out to be ten fold better. There were lots of smiles, endless guessing and investigations, a few impromptu bouquets and a couple of social media posts. We saw sweet reactions from people who we thought wouldn’t care at all. The office atmosphere completely changed that morning and to be honest, it felt good knowing I played a part to make it happen.

Pink roses

Now that we have gotten the joyous taste of sharing, we are brainstorming other ways we can brighten someone’s day. This week feels extra fitting to do it since it’s the Random Act of Kindness week. If you have a favorite way of RAOK, do share it here and let it be an inspiration for us. Or if you want to participate and looking for an idea instead, check out Mary’s 103 ideas for Random Acts of KIndness. My favorite is the guerrilla of kindness, which I am going to discuss and hatch the execution plan together with partner in crime tomorrow.

Once again, Happy Valentine’s day and Random Act of Kindness week you guys! Thanks for reading. Lots of heart shaped love for all of you.

Download: Printable bookmarks from Random Acts of Kindness Foundation.

Do you love or hate Valentine’s day? How do you usually celebrate it? Have you ever done something else for your non loved ones?

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  • This is really lovely, the two of you are so thoughtful! I’m so glad about the reactions you elicited, but my pragmatic self cannot help but wonder: didn’t it cost too much? I honestly have no idea how much the roses are in Germany, but even if it’s half a euro for a rose, it’s still a lot.
    Still, a sweet gesture, definitely! 🙂
    Oh, and I clicked on the link you provided, because I think doing random acts of kindness is the best, really. I think I will always remember how a random girl in London just handed me a subway pass as she was exiting, probably because I looked too confused. (The truth is, I was about to miss my plane, but that’s another story. I couldn’t believe she just gave me a day’s pass!!!)

    Wandering Polka Dot

    • Foreign Geek

      Ha! I wanted to share about the price in the blog but I forgot 😛 We got 100 roses for $20. Not bad right? Kindness really is the best thing we can share with the world, the best part is it also makes us feel happier.

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