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Ps. Happy Birthday Besties

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Sometimes ago, we celebrated Vi’s up coming and Fia’s belated birthday. Four of us, including Yin, decided to do brunch ala Sex And The City at Ps. Café.


Ps. Café is a chic restaurant in the downtown with floor to top glass windows covering all three sides of the restaurant. Good food, great service and fantastic setting. It’s approved, by us, to celebrate birthdays.

PS Cafe Waiting Room

Vi and Fia are celebrating their early 30s. Gosh, they have grown up, each with their own houses and own husbands. Meanwhile, I still eat cereal for breakfast, lunch and dinner; the same food staple I have been having since the time we studied. Years ago.

I met Fia on the first week of my first semester. I was, noisily, asking someone beside me (I can’t remember who) where could I buy a reading lamp. I was still a newbie in the city; I rented a room near our uni. The place and the room were awesome, only missing the said reading lamp. And then the cute girl who sat in front of me turned her head, she whispered “I have it at home, I will bring it for you”. I said “Thanks”, but didn’t count on it. We didn’t know each other at all. I was sure she didn’t even know my name. But at the end of the next class, I went home with a green IKEA lamp. When I asked her why she gave me the lamp, she just said that she heard I need it, and she didn’t (it’s her roommate’s and that girl moved out recently). Kindness. A much appreciate virtue when you are a just out from the boat foreigner.

We had countless lunch dates ever since and became close friends.

Friending Vi is a totally different story. One day, half way past our school year, I noticed a girl who entered my Management Accounting class. She looked like she had just woken up and taken whatever transportation to reach as early as 40mins late. She was wearing a purple PJ and hair scrunch, clearly didn’t shower and had puffy eyes. I immediately wanted to befriend this girl.

A few weeks into our friendship, I came to realize that the puffy eyes were not because of emotional pain but sleepless night chatting with her overseas boyfriend. Oh I see.

These girls they taught me many things.

Vi had a blog during our uni time, unfortunately, it was written in Chinese and Google Translator wasn’t a thing back then. Still sometimes she shared the stories with me, verbally. The whole thing inspired me to blog.

And Fia, well this one taught me all the naughty things, and she also encouraged me to wear a two-piece bikini although this body is far from Miranda Kerr’s.

In a way, these girls, they are like my very own Oprah.

PS Cafe Entrance

Ps Cafe Kitchen Table

At Ps.Café we had balancing tea, crab cake, mushrooms, chicken, burger and dessert. I forgot who ordered what as everyone ate everyone else’s.

PS Cafe TeaPs Cafe CakePS Cafe Coffee

We talked about husband (theirs) and moms (ours). I was half invited to their hometowns in China and I accepted jolly-fully within a nano second of them asking.  So we spent the rest of the day discussing about it before going home.

Happy Birthday Ladies, here to many more wine glass clinking, online shopping and world traveling. Ps. I love you (too cheesy? Well, live with it ladies).

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