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Stamp Love: Postcards Project

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Happy Valentines

Hello! Happy Valentine ladies and gents! What are you doing for this Valentine? I am spending it with my mom, so does Hulk, which is unusual, but it was our choice. I booked a table at a fancy-smancy restaurant in Jakarta but we are on the waiting list, by the time you read this, we either got it or have gone to KFC, I will update you later. To be honest, I am not the fancy dining type of a person. I like my plate full with food not a tiny piece of meat in the middle with decorative sauces surrounding it; I don’t like to sniff the wine and I can’t eat when someone stands nearby and “wait” for me. But I would very much take Mama Geek to this type of restaurant at least once when I am still here (as in Jakarta, not here as in the world, this is not the beginning of suicide note).

I was in the middle of doing something unimportant yesterday when I stumbled upon my postcard collection. I spent sometimes rereading the back of it, words from friends, strangers and myself. It made me smile and chuckle many times. I am blessed with loving friends. I think postcard is great. It’s easily found everywhere, cheap, only takes a couple of minutes to fill and send. It’s a fun surprise for the receiver and a sweet momento for years later.

In the spirit of love and connecting, I declare a new series (yes, another one) called STAMP LOVE. I contemplated on naming it Put A Stamp on It, but naah.. In STAMP LOVE series I will write a short post of each postcard I received and  sent. My goal is, by reading it, we are encouraged to send more postcards filled with love, positive words and happy notes.

Postcard New Year 2015 These are the latest postcards I received. The pretty one on the left, Chinese doll in cheongsam, was sent by VI from China which I got this week. The one on the right was sent by Yin from Taiwan, we both love cats, it’s sweet of her to send me something as the gesture of it.

Postcard New Year 2015

Both of them sent me super sweet new year wishes, the postal service is slow in this part of the world. I am grateful to have them as my besties. Happy New Year, once again ladies, and a very happy valentine.

If you want to get a postcard from me, from wherever I am or exchange postcards, email me at foreigngeek.com@gmail.com. I hope it will be a start of new borderless friendship. Thanks for reading!

My other series: Four Things Friday, Airplane Dining, I Slept in and When I Roam.

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