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Perth Diary: The Pinnacles in Western Australia

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You guys, as you know, I went to Perth last weekend. The  main agenda was to hang out with Che, who flew all the way from Jakarta, but I also wanted to see Perth. Of my 8 years of living in Singapore, I am embarrassed to admit that I have never been to the Philippines, Myanmar nor Nepal which are short flight rides away from Singapore. I am so not going to repeat this mistake; gotta tick Australia before my next big move, wherever (Japan) and whenever it’s.

When I told my colleagues, I am going to Perth, some of them asked, “Why Perth?” They told me there is nothing there to see, it’s boring, yada yada. Well, they couldn’t be more wrong. Perth was a great fun! The animals were in wild, the terrains varied and there were plenty of rainbows. Perth is a must visit place and I plan to share the whys here throughout this month.

I am going to start with my favorite, the Pinnacles. I went to the Pinnacles on my first morning in Perth. Traveling solo without driving license I took the tour that includes a lobster shack, the Pinnacles and sand boarding; with tour mates who came from all over the world, from Germany to South Korea. The whole day had been a really pleasant experience.

The Pinnacles Perth

The Pinnacles, set in a golden sanded desert, is nothing like I have seen before, not even when we were in Dubai. It’s a form of stone sculptures, which brought both awe and eery feeling.

There is no definitive fact as to why these Pinnacles were formed, though there are many theories surrounding it. My favorite is the aborigines version of it; that the Pinnacles is considered as a devil’s ground and that young men who visited the place would fall into sinking sand and disappear. And the eeriest part of the story; those pinnacles? They are the fingers of the sinking men.

The Pinnacles Perth Fingers

The Pinnacles Perth

To top it all, the weather on that day was pretty wacky, with both rain and sun kept changing every hour. It was eerie alright. But I wasn’t creeped out by it, if anything I found the whole thing fascinating. It’s all gold and warm as far as eye sight can go and with a dash of mysteriousness, including the fact that it’s deemed as the lost city made it almost magickal. So much so that I bought a Pinnacles fridge magnet to bring my favorite part of Perth trip back to Melbourne.

The only thing missing was emus spotting, which I had been looking forward to. Oh, never mind, it will be an excuse for me to come back again. Maybe during the sunset when they said it get more frightening. And the next time I am getting the Pinnacles pendant from the gift shop. Btw, please refrain yourself from getting a coffee from the coffee machine in the gift shop. It was rubbish you guys and my tour mates agreed with me.

Speaking of tour mates, I bid everyone goodbye that evening, only to meet Ha, the student from Seoul, in the airport while waiting for my flight back to Melbourne. We killed time by sharing each other favorite bakeries in both Melbourne (me) and Sydney (him). At the end we parted ways with a couple of his recommendations jolted down in my note; The Hardware Societe for brunch and Uluru rock for next travel. Thanks Ha!

And thank you for reading. I will be back with more stories, including a short series of Perth diary.

Ps. I just found out there was a 90s Bollywood movie shot in the Pinnacles called Yeh Jaan Le Le Re. I felt a little proud and a lotta disturbed by this trivia. Especially because it looked like err soft porn? I don’t know.. Why don’t you judge by yourself, if you dare. Below the video. Enjoy or maybe I should say don’t?

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