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I Want to Live in a Palace. Kinda. Maybe not.

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You know when we were young, we pretended that we were a princess and how we wished we lived in a palace.  And you know when some of us didn’t grow up much since then and still think we are a princess. Some of us = me.

It’s not like I go around and tell people that I am a princess. I still want to have a social life, thank you! But yeah, it’s nice to think “hey, this could be MY home” about a palace, which’s exactly what I did whenever I visited one.

Versailles, France

I was obsessed with Versailles ever since my history teacher shared the story of Marie Antoinette and her famous “Let them eat cake” remark. I mean its history with cake in the story, it’s burned into my memory. I had to see where this lady (princess apparently) lived! So 15 years later, I did.

Visiting Versailles was one of the highest moment in my life, right below getting a degree and above eating Gulab Jamun (Fried cake Indian style — kinda.) for the first time, and second time, and third time. I went there with my bestie who was a history buff herself. So of course, we had a blast. We spent the whole afternoon in the palace (I feel so cool just for saying that!), poking, peeking, and pretending that we were princesses while getting starred by the French.

Versailles Palace

The bedrooms were my favorite, though I remember telling her, I wasn’t not sure I would want to share a house with Antoinette ghost. I mean what if she saw me eating a cake, would I need to share it with her? I don’t share my cake, not even with a princess, unless she is Lady Mary of Downton Abbey. Also, I am a born messy person; bigger place equals to bigger problems. And who is going to maintain it?? Thinking about cleaning itself gives me a headache. This is precisely why I would want to befriend Lady Mary. I would love to get her suggestion over tea (for her) and cake (for me). For more beautiful pictures, check out Melanie’s (taken nicely by iPhone camera).

Grand Palace, Bangkok

Grand Palace

You would think Versailles would be the most beautiful palace I have ever seen. Not quite right. The golden Grand Palace was. It captured my heart. Forever. After buying an appropriate top in front of the palace to cover my shame (it was summer, I wore a tank top), we went inside. It was so beautifully decorated. The architecture was filled with culture; stories, angels, protecting demons, colorful glass and gold. I had never seen a place as vibrant. Maybe gold is my color or maybe it’s Yin’s photography skill, the Grand Palace is a great place to take pictures. I had several pictures taken here, which until today I am happy to look at. But living here? I.. It’s too magnificent to call it a home.

Grand Palace

 Gyeongbokgung Palace, Seoul

gyeongbokgung palace

Where were you when the first snows fall on you? Like the very very first? I was at Gyeongbokgung palace. Thank you for the welcome confetti Mister palace Sir. I visited this palace mainly because of Bri. She wrote about and recommended it to me. I had to go!

This palace is HUGE! With beautiful gardens, all were huge, covered in snow. There were birds, lakes, a small temple in the middle of the lake and a gift shop (where I bought all my Korean souvenirs from). We stopped at the information center inside the palace compound for a cup of Korean tea, but not before I made Yin took million videos of me twirling in the snow, singing “I am a snow princess” over and over again.

gyeongbokgung palace

They said there is something magical in the snow. I believe it. Living in this palace still seem doable since the opposite of it is a CBD area. It would be nice to be able to walk to work. It would save me some gas money, but the palace is so huge even though I reach home, it would take me another half hour at least to get to my bedroom and maybe another half hour to go to the kitchen. Unless I drive inside my palace, but then it would be counter-effective of saving gas money by walking to work.

Summer Palace, Beijing

Summer Palace

Summer Palace was the Hamptons of Chinese royals, some dynasties ago. It was the best architecture of Beijing. Peacefully gorgeous. I went there on a crisp morning and was completely mesmerized by it. The whole place has a vibe of a graceful lady. I was told that the summer palace was built with lots of Feng Shui consideration. How interesting! Like the position of Longevity Hill and Kunming Lake, which was frozen when I came to visit, and the marble boat that’s fastened in the water the steadfast rule of the Dynasty.

I walked pass the longest covered pathway in the world, channeling the Emperor’s mother. The powerful woman (oh yes, I heard the dramas) whom the emperor gifted it to. The whole place, even with tourists around, oozed tranquility.

Marble Boat

Please tell me at least one of you still think that you are a princess! And it doesn’t count if you are under 12 years old! Also, if really under 12 years old, I think umm.. better not to read this blog! Come back again when you are older and we will talk about girl power.

Do you think you are more of a palace or a castle person? What’s your dream palace to visit?  Mine one would be the palace in India. Thanks for reading you guys! I am linking up with Travel Tuesday and Treat Yo’ Self Thursday and myself on Four Things Friday.

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  • The day you visited the Summer Palace was crazy gorgeous! It was so, so smoggy when I went you could barely see across the lake. But I still loved it! It was so peaceful in the craziness of Beijing.

  • Palace, castle? I’d take either!

  • Ahhh man, I’ve always had the Princess fantasy – I think Disney really did it to me. I feel like I am more a castle kinda gal though 😉

  • Yeah I am so happy that you are back sharing your thoughts and adventures! I was in an art museum in Milan recently and kept thinking hmm I wonder what it would be like to live in this fancy place. I will be visiting the Summer Palace this July and I cannot wait!

  • I think I need both a palace and a castle, one for the summer months and one for the winter. I would just be too bored with just one 🙂

  • I loved this post! I totally still think I am a proncess sometimes and I am about to turn 22. Versailles was like heaven, I fell in love with it and I wish I could spend everyday in the garden. Check out my blog: http://theprincessoftea.blogspot.ca/
    Great Post, adding the other palaces to my list.

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