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Pager: Poking, Pre FaceBook Era

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I was watching the latest episode of New Girl earlier in which they *spoiler alert* installed a home phone (with cord). And they were behaving as if they have forgotten how did an “old” phone look like, someone even asked why there is a rope (cord). C’mon man, all of them are older than me! And I, along with more than half of the people I know, still have it at our house today. How about at work? Don’t you use corded phones there as well. Even if you don’t have it anymore, you surely remember how does a corded phone look like. Unless you are a really young reader of this blog. In which case, you can ask about it to your parents and while at it, do ask their permission to read this blog because I don’t think it’s child approved. If they don’t allow you to read it, I am sorry and come again when you are old enough.

Back to the tv series, in conclusion, it was one bad joke, or maybe it’s me who didn’t get it. Maybe I should re-watch it. I will as long as I can fast forward Jessica Day’s parts because no, nothing can make me watch her same annoying-ness twice.

Green Pager

That thing and with someone poking me on Facebook *I am looking at you Aish*, it reminded me of the time before the new millennium when I got myself a pager. I loved it! It was a small green and totally cute device. It fitted perfectly in my uniform pocket without raising suspicion at school. I have spent hours waiting for it to flash yellow lighted half encrypted messages from someone in the past. The timing was always random which made it even more exciting. It was my precious, never failed to put a smile on my face. It beeped, vibrated and made my heart leap. Good times.

Have you ever owned anything which you mildly embarrassed about now?

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  • Tihana Smiljanić

    I never owned a pager, but I still remember how happy I was when I got my first cellphone at the age of 15. And nope, I’m not embarrassed by it, I was in love with it and over time I had so many dear text messages that I didn’t have space to save, so I copied them in a notebook instead. Why isn’t anybody sending me cute texts today?! Maybe we grew old(er), or maybe we just prefer saying nice things to each other over texting 🙂

    Wandering Polka Dot

  • HEEEEY! poking is absolutely approved and that is why its a usable function on facebook and i refuse to believe otherwise! and, man that pager is too cool. I missed the era by a few years but you know, I make due with motorola flip phones. That’s right! I lived the coooooool life 🙂

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