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Original Painting of Autumn Tree

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For a long time, I have a wish to own an original painting, I even put it on my Life List. I have been looking around online to get something I like and cheap and original. Unfortunately, these three filters brought zero result on Etsy.

So I decided to take things into my own hands, quite literally, and paint one myself. I bought a Groupon voucher for a painting class and tricked two of my friends to get it too.

Also, it would be a new way to spend our weekend in the city.

Today was the class. I came with zero preparation, wearing my oldest tee, anticipating paint splash. My friends have made paintings before. Me? I had a quarter canvas filled with self-portrait of mom, circa 1998, hidden inside my parents’ closet.

At 4PM on the dot, we sat in our class. It was a small pink door classroom that fits four students comfortably; today it was just the three of us and our super nice teacher, Amira.

Painting Classroom

Firstly, we were asked to choose one from a bunch of printed pictures to use as the model for our painting. There were many choices. My friends each chose a lighthouse and white lilies. I took a longer time. I wanted to choose the city painting with its’ hustle bustle, but for someone who aren’t able to draw a straight line (still) I settled for something simpler, my favorite season, Autumn.

We used acrylic paints, different type of brushes and a medium sized canvas. All the supplies were provided.

Painting Canvas

We had to sketch our painting first. Compared to the other two, mine was the easiest. I just needed to draw half circles upward and a tree trunk.

We were supposed to paint the background first, so I started with the sky. Amirah taught me to move the brush left-right, left-right. 15mins into the class I already learnt something new. ((Small cheer)).

Painting Sky

The painting continued to the scenery part. It is a tree by the lake during sunset on the autumn.

Who knew painting was this easy and quite relaxing! I needed to focus on nothing but stroking the white canvas placed in front of me. Filling up the white gaps by dabbing the paint brush into it. ZEN.

Paint Brush

Creating a stroke of pink and purple inside the black part was quite challenging, my stroke never seemed to hit rightly, needed teacher’s help for this one.

Final my favorite part: adding the leaves.

Autumn Leaves Original Painting

I discovered a colorful way of stroking each leaf, instead of mixing the yellow and red together to get nice orange, I swiped yellow on the left side and red on the right side of the brush and made single stroke on the canvas. It looked nice. I felt like Van Gogh for a second.

So here is the result and I am quite proud of it.

Autumn Tree Painting

When i showed it off to a friend, she said the painting represents my character, quirky and bold. I was flattered 🙂

We celebrated our small victory with dinner before heading home to, secretly, sit and adore it for some time.

What did you do this weekend? Something fun I hope.

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