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Today We Moved Out Of Old Office

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Today was the last day at our old office. I started my morning with Nasi Lemak breakfast at Kartika, the Indonesian Restaurant. They know me so well that I just had to pay $2.80 and got the food plus teh o amma’s style. Lunch with sisig at the Pinoy restaurant. Again, my favorite. I closed the day with 2 chicken pao and gel manicure at mall behind.

It hasn’t hit me yet, the moving out, even though I spent four hours packing, including sneaking in my 4 pair of shoes.

I have become that girl in glamour last page section: it’s okay to have more pair of shoes under your desk than your closet and feeling fabulous for it, Samatha Jones like. I also spent the night filled with laughters (of quoting people dumb Facebook status) with my cousins. I was so happy that it stayed on and gave me a warm feeling even until now. Overall, it was a great last day and I am really excited and looking forward to move to the new place tomorrow, the beginning of a new chapter. I have bought and prep things for my city view cubicle. Whee!! 

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